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    Oh yeah that's what we was saying idk if I've had those before, mints kind of my thing and yeah like idk, I want to look like a portrait some gentleman in the 1700s would commission but with my beagles thing face instead of a person and maybe on my calf cuz I think that'd look cute idk. I have this whole idea in my head, lol, I wanna fucking go! Some of my frans are moving there actually
  2. Trap Queen Voxxy
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    Oh I see you answered the tat question. Thas cool but how you gonna do the words? Like font? I've been wanting some new ink myself, idk what to get, I was thinking maybe a portrait of like my dog but all old school and gentlemanly but luckily for me I have no money so I have time to think about it. Wot u think?
  3. Trap Queen Voxxy
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    The fuck is a mud thing? Anyway, have you been watching the WC any?

    PS, imma buttah yo bread boi
  4. Prometeo liberado
    im getting a red and black star with the words 'no war but class war" in french
  5. Trap Queen Voxxy
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    Oh hey, small world, I'm on summer break myself, unfortunately. But omfg if you like mud masks, try a mint mask! It'll blow your mind fr fr. That's what I like to get and you don't even have to go to salons or whatevs to get them neither. What kind if inkz?
  6. Trap Queen Voxxy
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    PS: Exclamation marks!!!! Arggggggghh !!!!!!!!!!
  7. Trap Queen Voxxy
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    Summer of FUN! Yayyyyy! ^-^! How are you dear? I don't take any guff from anyone! I do expect you to take me swimming when I go to Hollywoods!!
  8. Trap Queen Voxxy
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    Hey, long time no talk, how goes it?
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    but I don't have anything to put mulch on!
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    now i have the munchies dammit
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