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    my central message is myself

    you can not really understand me with words

    if you want an adventure

    follow me down the rabbit hole
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    i am the transmarxist

    dialectics eventually swallows marxism

    i am following the currents

    surfing on the tide of mental deterioration

    i am multi-dimensional

    you can trust me to surprise
  3. thriller
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    There is a song by the band Anti-Flag called 'Angry Young and Poor' and in your About Me it says Angry young and red, thought it was an allusion.
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    Thank you for your support. I hope the the Admins and Mods will see their mistake and unrestrict me.
  5. thriller
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    U like anti-flag?
  6. Red Rosa
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    agreed. yeah, that's the part that can be hardly understood. and shouldn't be anyway. Stalin would be absolutely nothing without Lenin and other Bolsheviks (especially Lenin) and look at how he treated Lenin's wife after his death, what he did with Bolsheviks as you already know...yeah, i think that's the part that is the most conspicious and astounding (shocking perhaps is a better word ). When did you try to commit to that and when and how you decided not to?
  7. Red Rosa
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    thanks! well, i really can't see how anyone could miss that point; the explanation would be that they either didn't read Marx or they thought of something else while doing it.
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    I'm the kind of communist that thinks a united front is more important than adherence to any one specific ideology. I can definitively say I'm not a Leninist, or a Maoist, or any other kind of authoritarian/absolutist, but at the same time I can't say I'm a true anarchist. I support the end goal of revolution, but have yet to see a strategy for achieving it that I'm 100% behind. At this time our primary goal should be to seek converts.
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    Thank you for friending me.
  10. The Jay
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    so what brought you to being an atheistic red?
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About freethinker

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Angry Young and Red
United States
Dioramas, Music, History, Reading, Writing, Ancient Culture, Anthropology
Political Statement
Truly I don't know where to place my self, possibly just a "revolutionary socialist". I think Socialism should be fluid with multiple factions and should adjust rightly to unique situations . It is in my opinion that this the failure of Marxist Leninism because as history has shown one size dose not simply fit all.- To the contrary every nation and often every regional sub division has different shoes to fill. Socialism as practice and an idea is still only in it's adolescence and to grow it must understand it's world and the particular needs of working people through changing time periods and different places. Above all pan leftism should be a priority for all leftists. Of course we will not always unite and we will most likely disagree but this should be used to future the interests of Socialism,
by accepting inedible division the left can only become stronger as opposed to autocratic or "bourgeois republican" capitalism.

This will make Socialism the future.
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[FONT=Arial]I have no country to fight for; my country is the earth; I am a citizen of the world. - Eugene Debs[/FONT]


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