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    Man, it's times like that when I'm glad I deleted my damn facebook. But fuck, if I hear one more" well, he was a pretty big guy/ He's just doing his job" I'm gonna lose it. Goddamn yuppies. Luckily enough for me, most the people I've spoken to about it have been pretty sympathetic towards Brown.
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  3. Os Cangaceiros
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    rest easy, you guys will always have better all-you-can-eat buffets than us
  4. Os Cangaceiros
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    oh yeah, I voted on that shit. I voted while half delirious with a fever and half delirious on mind-altering substances, just as the founders would've wanted it.
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    Can't wait to hear what you think.

    I've been as far south visiting as GA, but I'm originally from MD and have never lived farther south than that. Unless you count PA... You?
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    him and velvet underground are two of my favorite "i'm high" artists

    hopefully, southern man will keep his head and not fall back into that garbage
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    you're interesting, listen to neil young, and experiment with drugs even though you know better. let's be friends!
  8. Brandon's Impotent Rage
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    On the plus side, I'll never lose sight of the cause as I have a daily view of the disenfranchised working class.
  9. Brandon's Impotent Rage
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    I would find that condescending, if it wasn't so terribly true.
  10. Creative Destruction
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    i'm drawn to Milton's willingness to steal money and burn down the building. i kind of feel the same.
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