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    Hey how you doin'?
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    Idem... to below.
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    Happy birthday! (sorry if I'm a couple of days late - I just noticed your age went up)
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    Comrade Spam very quiet at the moment....
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    Not a problem at all, mate.
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    That's OK, no problem .
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    Just ask Comrade Spam about General Nayevny! LOL!!!
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    That was praxis1966, not me.
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    And of course we have Comrade Spam in the midst of all of this.
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    Yes there is something worse... Pol Pot fans <shudder>

    And I understand what some Stalinists and Maoists say - yes, Hitler was worse. And yes, capitalism kills millions of third world people every year. But they never understand that this is not an excuse for Stalin's and Mao's mass-murders.

    When a Stalinist says the people purged were traitors and nazis, I just ask them if Zinoview, Tukachevsky, Kamenev and the other bolshevik leaders were traitors and nazis, too.
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About Comintern1919

Basic Information

Marxist. Going to work in a Kindergarten.
Communism, Video Games, Anime, Children Care
Going to work in a Kindergarten after school.
Political Statement

Against Maoism and Stalinism.

Inspired by Ernesto "Che" Guevara.

Quote by "Sinistter Cultural Marxist":

Any thread about the DPRK brings out the silliness. What are the arguments presented in defense of the DPRK?

(1) All critics of the DPRK are racist white chauvinists

(2) All negative stories about the DPRK must be part of a plot by the evil bourgeois zionist propaganda

(3) The Korean Worker's Party is a real worker's party because they call themselves that, even if their government has a hereditary autocracy and an extreme level of propaganda and lack of real collective ownership

(4) The actions of North Korea are totally justified, or should not be criticized by Communists, because it is the victim of the evil imperialists. Like the great leaders Lukashenko, Hussein and Khomeini, any excessive uses of force by their government are justified by the very existence of the United States (no mention of the fact, of course, that plenty of other anti-Imperialist governments in history never needed to resort to such an excessive police state to survive).

These are all very weak arguments, and leads one to favoring all sorts of counter-revolutionary governments simply because they oppose "The West".


"The life of a single human being is worth a million times more than all the property of the richest man on earth."
-Ernesto "Che" Guevara

Stalin was a desperado of the eastern Iron Curtain
Hitler was a failed aspiring artist and corporal.
Mussolini was a journalist.

-Me and ComradeMan


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