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    Yeah, I got really busy with school and work in the past month and a half, but I will at least be active in the MLM group.
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    Hi, I applied to join this group a while back and haven't been accepted yet. I've been posting pretty regularly on RevLeft, and M-L is my tendency, so I wanted to see if there was some reason I wasn't a group member yet.

    Comradely yours,
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    "Take that up with the majority of Orthodox Jews who do think you have to have the faith to be a Jew."

    And are Orthodox Jews the ultimate authority on the Jewish people? The idea of being a Jew is very subjective, especially when a group like the Ashkenazis have to be regarded as Jewish. Because of such subjectivity, even an Arab from the West Bank has legitimacy when claiming to be Jewish as they share a great deal of "Jewish DNA."
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    "You should, at least, try to read Marxist-Leninist writings before claiming to be one!"

    I didn't become an anti-theist to find another dogmatic ideology. My opinions are based on my material and social environment relative to my time, as were Stalin, Lenin, and Marx.
    Read my arguments regarding Marxist Categoricalism, and my points regarding Marxism-Leninism's standard in relations to it. If you think a few books by authors from previous material conditions are going to be standards for Marxism-Leninism, then you are wrong. Unlike other tendencies, Marxism-Leninism is non-dogmatic. Go join the Trots if you're going to go down that line.
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    Wow, you are so knowledgeable. As if I couldn't go on google and type in "Zionism."
    They are also wrong, Zionism ended with the creation of Jewish state(although there was another strand which wanted all the world's Jews to move to Israel.) Modern Zionism, or neo-Zionism, is the movement to expand the borders of Israel. Zionism really has its start in 1896, when Herzl wrote his Der Judenstaat. Zionism, as a reactionary ideal, isn't equal to Israeli Patriotism or Nationalism. There is a very fine between the two.
  6. bad ideas actualised by alcohol
    Funny, I have never denied Jewish people.
    I denied that being Jewish automatically makes you a Zionist.
    There is an organisation in the Netherlands: Een ander Joods geluid (A different Jewish sound).
    Who defend the Palestinians.
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    "If he/she wasn't to attack Israel, and deny the existence of the Jewish people, fine."

    Correction: wants not wasn't.
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    Negative can be whatever he/she pleases. It is not in my place to tell him/her how to behave or what to believe. If he/she wasn't to attack Israel, and deny the existence of the Jewish people, fine. Simply having Jewish ancestry doesn't give you a free ride at saying whatever you'd like about Israel and it automatically having more influence than others. Appealing to authority is lame anyway.

    I myself am only Jewish from my father's side. My mother is an Irani Muslim, and I personally support Iran acquiring nuclear technology(I don't believe Israel's claims that Iran is creating nuclear bombs). Why would my father marry a goy? Because he's been an Atheist Commie for the better part of his life, at least ever since his brother created his own Maoist guerrilla group and was assassinated by the Turkish government.
    So please, tell me how I'm racist against myself(as I'm technically half Irani and half Jewish.)

    Since I regard you as ignorant, I also challenge you to define Zionism.
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    You've been reading On The Jews and their Lies, by Martin Luther, too much. Just because a Jew says something doesn't automatically make it false. Got it?

    Anyway, I can't live outside of this subjectivity either. Marx was right when he said that consciousness is determined by social conditioning.

    I'm not a Zionist. I'm a Jewish Leninist who will defend the freedom of my people against Imperialism. I do the same for the Arabs of Gaza and the West Bank.
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    Our morals and opinions were created in accordance with material and social conditioning. The Kantian(Liberals), who call for Universal morality and Absolute Ideals, and the Trotskyists, who call for world and permanent revolution, are my greatest enemies. This is why I, and my father, became Marxist-Leninists, as it is one of few ideologies, among the left, which calls for relativism(following the proper tradition of Marxism.)

    European Morals and Ideals should be taken into regard for Europe only. My greatest hero is, and will always be, Mattathias ben Johanan, the creator of the Maccabees, and liberator of Judea from the corruption of Greek Imperialism. It will also be under his name that we liberate Judea from the scorn of American Imperialism and Liberalism, and renew our great motherland as a Socialist nation void of the power of the Church and other corrupting influences.
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