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    Your comments will be deleted and ignored, as they weren't directed to you. This equates to good time wasted typing comments I'm not even going to read. Let it be a lesson for the future, as respect is what brings stability to the world.
  2. Die Neue Zeit
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    Feel free to join this group for more discussion:
  3. Grenzer
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    There's some other original historical research I did on the origins of the Russo-Japanese War, hopefully I can dredge that up from somewhere. I have no idea what they're going to have us researching, but no doubt it will it will be interesting.

    My new avatar is Guan Yu. I'm a huge fan of Romance of The Kingdoms(both the medieval book and the modern games based on it).
  4. Grenzer
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    Some bad news, my friend. I don't seem to have my historical work on Augustus saved anywhere, but hopefully the History Department has a physical copy saved that I can scan. I'm really hoping they do.. at least I'll be doing some original historical research this coming fall that I could share in the future.
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    augustwest is an extremely boring person disengage comrade disengage
  6. Grenzer
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    The Middle Ages is certainly a fascinating period to study, as is Japan. It's pretty amazing and unprecedented that a country could transform itself from a feudal system to an industrialized capitalist state so quickly. I'll see if I can dig up my work, they weren't too bad for being undergrad term papers.

    What's your interest, is it just a hobby? That's how it started for me.
  7. Grenzer
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    Caesar's nephew Augustus learned well the lesson from this. He gave himself only the title of princeps senatus, "first among equals" and worked hard to maintain the illusion that Rome still had a Republican form of government. The Roman Empire is split into two periods, the first being The Principate where the emperors actively maintained the illusion of republicanism and exerted their power mostly in more subtle ways. The Principate is considered to have ended in 284 CE after which begins the Dominate period when the Emperors through aside all pretense of a Republic. I've done extensive research on the matter exclusively using documents from the time of Caesar and Augustus, hopefully I can dig that up sometime.

    We may have different politics, but you seem like a pretty chill guy. Good to see another enthusiast of history.
  8. Grenzer
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    I felt I had to interject something after reading about the discussion on Caesar in DNZ's board. Caesar was basically a proto-emperor, though by the standards of a socialist, still a progressive. The key to understanding this is the culture of the Roman Aristocracy. The Roman Aristocracy overthrew the monarchy in the 6th century BCE and vigorously opposed monarchist systems from that time. It does seem like the populares like the Gracchus brothers, Marius, and Caesar were interested primarily in personal power, but they saw the best way of achieving it by appealing to the masses to combat the aristocracy. He did give himself the title of perpetual dictator, but the aristocracy weren't stupid. They realized that he was essentially trying to take a position similar to King without explicitly calling himself thus, so they murdered him.
  9. El Chuncho
    Just in case you want to argue like a clown:

    ''In linguistics, grammar is the set of structural rules that govern the composition of clauses, phrases, and words in any given natural language.''

    Your use of ''lol'' was a structural error and goes against the rules of English grammar. As is the fact that you often do not use commas in the right places, leave too gaps between sentences rather than one and ignore the word ''is''.

    ''lol a typo is not a grammatical error, dumbass''. Again check your grammar, hypocrite. That sentence should be:

    LOL A typo is not a grammatical error, dumbass.

    Or (because your grammaer is so terribly you might mean the following):

    "LOL" is a typo and not a grammatical error, dumb ass.

    If you are going to flame people about grammar on this forum, check your own posts too.
  10. El Chuncho
    I see you do the same tactic on profiles as you do on forums; namely flame and then run away. Well, Rooster, I'll reply here as your profile is blocked. Your use of ''lol'' is not a typo because you sincerely believe, quite obviously, that you can write it as ''lol'' and use it as a word in a sentence (sometimes at the start of a sentence), when it is not a word and should be ''LOL''. A typing error is when you make a mistake that you do not think is correct; like ''teh'' instead of ''the''. And going back to an earlier post, you can start a sentence with ''And'', you preschool embarrassment.
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Marxist-Leninist, though not a hardcore sectarian, grow up as a peasant, not a worker.
History and science, Leftism and reading.
Political Statement
I am a Marxist-Leninist. I believe that whilst comrade Stalin had his faults, he acted for the good of the people and his faults are over-exaggerated by some of the left. I disagree with Trotsky, and find him naive on issues, but I do not especially hate him or Trotskyists. At the end of the day I would side with any leftist against a rightist. I am not a great sectarian thinking that Pan-Leftism is more helpful than bickering, and I am inspired by the non-Marxist pre-Marx and Mark-contemporaries such as William Morris, Winstanley and Bertrand Russell (despite his naiveties regarding Marxism-Leninism).

I also believe in 'Socialism in One Country', thinking that before you can liberate the world, you have to start in your home. I agree with the wars of national liberation throughout the world, including in Ireland (though the IRA seem somewhat dubious at the moment) and the Middle-Eastern countries, and then built your country up.

I believe that cultures are, in Stalin's words, "neither racial nor tribal, but a historically formed community of people". I think monocultural internationalism is impossible and unrealistic, preferring multicultural internationalism.

Though Marxist-Leninists are portrayed as humourless, I am not even above seeing humour in my own ideology.


''Don't buy bread with that money, hombre! Buy dynamite! Dynamite!''

''I am a Marxist-Leninist, and I will be a Marxist-Leninist until the last days of my life.'' - Fidel Castro

'' I have sworn before a picture of the old and mourned comrade Stalin that I won't rest until I see these capitalist octopuses annihilated.''' - ''Che'' Guevara


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