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    Welcome back.
  2. roy
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    haha, thanks. i'm fond of your duck, also bespectacled and hat-wearing.
    i'm gonna order a shirt with the heisenberg drawing and 'the one who knocks' captioned below.
    breaking bad errday.
  3. Comrade1
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  4. #FF0000
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    no prob
  5. MuscularTophFan
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    Yes I'm an Avatar/Korra fanatic.

    Thanks I like your username too.
  6. Workers-Control-Over-Prod
    Yes, it's just an animal instinct; to want to "concquer" a counterpart, "want" another person for ones own self etc. All quite strange primitive monkey business, but without it, we wouldn't be talking here.
  7. Workers-Control-Over-Prod
    Btw, i in fact can only really think of two or three instances in which i had that physical urge for a girl while with her, most of the time sex does appear as bothersome when one is interested in the personality of another person.
  8. Workers-Control-Over-Prod
    Well, "medical condition" we all are. I see though what you mean, don't be bothered by my inquiries, i don't see any problem with asexuality.
    Well, my first question i ask basically if you have ever once had the feeling that you wanted someone so bad that sexual physical exertion is needed to express that "urge" or physical want for another person.
  9. Workers-Control-Over-Prod
    Well, i guess i would categorise myself as a heterosexual pan-sexual, meaning i am only sexually interested in the female sex but among women care first about the personality than physical attraction; in fact, an interesting personality is attractive to me.

    So you have absolutely no sexual urges, never had a single moment of genital arousment? If so, does this mean asexuality is a physical condition or merely chemical/psychological?
  10. Workers-Control-Over-Prod
    So to the extent that you say that you are asexual, what do you think about humans? Do you have opinions on looks, do certain items, things look more attractive to you, like most people (I have my problems with knowing what looks good btw)? Are you then interested in the person, but do you have an opinion on the aesthetics of that person (or any)?

    I ask, because if you do find certain people pretty or attractive, then you could possibly not be an asexual. I am a bit confused to what you mean with asexuality, i would also say that my personality is really asexual (as in, i don't think much about sex), but since i am a heterosexual male teenager, do have a sexuality and attraction to the female gender. So does asexuality really mean you find female and male genders equally attractive, or you really have no interested in the physicality of other humans?
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