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  1. Red_Struggle
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    Greetings, comrade. I see that you have lived in the Soviet Union and I have a few questions:
    Do you think the Soviet Union was socialist throughout its entire lifespan?
    What is your opinion of Khruschev?
    What were the police like? Were they intrusive and in your face or did they mostly just leave you alone so long as you weren't hurting anything or anyone? From what I've studied, things actually became more oppresive after Stalin's death, such as the open firing on workers who protested the price hike of butter and meat.

    Thank you very much in advance.
  2. Red Future
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    How attracted are the youth in the Russian Federation to Communism these days , i read that although the National Bolsheviks and the Nazi-Russian patriots have an attractive appeal to the youth (mainly due to their activism)but then also contrastingly that the communist parties such your RCWP maintain the best and most motivated of Russias youth , would you be able to give some clarity on this issue?
    note ;please don't take it that im questioning you constantly about Russia for nothing, its just difficult to find out about Communism in Russia today in the UK
  3. Red Future
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    There is a link under my message , what Iwas referring to is attempts to falsify the achievements of the Soviet Union and demonize it ,its bad in Poland but how much impact has it had in Russia ?.
  4. Red Future
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    Do you know how bad sort of thing is this in Russia ???
  5. Red Future
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    Do you know any good Russian communist websites ?? I would like to learn more about the communist parties in the Russian Federation today - thanks !
  6. Volcanicity
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    I'm doing alright thank's.I guess I never got around to having an avatar, It's been that long without my having one I never think about it.I'll get one some day Comrade.
  7. The Author
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    Thank you. This is very informative and sheds light on how affairs were conducted in the workplace.
  8. Volcanicity
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    Hello Comrade how are you?
  9. The Author
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    Also, since you have firsthand experience in the workplace in the USSR, I would really love to know more about how management was involved in the production process, how much power the trade unions held, what workers did for their leisure time, and how they addressed labor issues. This forum is notorious for a lot of misinformation and fallacies about these matters, since many of the members have a very idealized notion of what the struggle to communism really entails.
  10. The Author
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    It's about time someone from the fSU came forward and started providing real information on statistics and incomes and labor conditions in the USSR. I cannot stand the secondhand material from the West because I know it's biased, even among the "sympathizers" of the Soviet life. In the West, we have this nasty habit of choosing to remain ignorant about life and conditions in the East because we were badly misinformed and taught to hate and never think. Even the communists here have this habit stuck in their heads. I'm an American who got tired of the lies, tired of the propaganda and started asking questions. And the more questions I asked, the more I realized life in the East really was better.
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