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  1. NGNM85
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    Thanks. I know, it's a madhouse in here. Oh well. I'll check that out. Lately I've been haunting DebatePoliticsForums;

    dunno if your busy or not, but if you get the chance, would be intrested in your response on this thread;
    Victus Mortu
  4. Die Neue Zeit
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    I forgot to add one more element to your platform. This would make Demand #5 on solidarity strikes redundant.

    Emphasize political strikes and general strikes.

    Demand #2: "... for unionizing or even conducting political strikes and/or general strikes."

    Demand #3: "... agent provocateurs or suppression of even political strikes and/or general strikes, etc."

    Demand #4: "Freedom to go on even a political and/or general strike without approval..."

    Last demand: "Freedom of even political strikes and/or general strikes regardless..."
  5. Die Neue Zeit
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    Comrade, did I ever forward you Lars Lih's documents on the Lenin-Kautsky relationship? They're a must read.
  6. Jimmie Higgins
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    I thought you might like this design I made since you apparently had the same "walk like an Egyptian" idea.
  7. NewSocialist
    Good work on the Socialism 101 thread. Don't mind the idiots on there who are unfamiliar with the fact that market socialism existed as a major tendency among socialists long before Marx even wrote a word on the subject - see Proudhon, Francis Bray, Hodgskin, and so on.
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    In you Socialism 101, please add line spacing between paragraphs and items on a list. Makes it much easier to read.
  9. Fawkes
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    by the way, if I were you I'd just make the thread again, there was no legitimate reason for it to be trashed in the first place, fuck it, just go for it again
  10. Die Neue Zeit
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    Comrade, perhaps you could offer a discussive critique of Chapter 5 and the Draft Program section "The Democracy Question." That way, misunderstandings re. terms can be cleared up. You probably know already that I have (thankfully) a very thick skin when it comes to constructive critiques.
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Capitalism is fundamentally a system where a professional body of armed and trained individuals that acts in concert (the state) forces society to accept individuals who hold pieces of paper mentioning things in the world (“private property” - land, capital, money, and information) as having despotic control over everyone who uses their (landowners, corporations, banks, and copyright companies) “property” and to charge them a tax for said use (rent, profit, interest, and copy-tax).
Socialism 101
Income inequality, environmental injustice, social prejudice, economic crises, and the rest are fundamentally the result of various power inequalities.


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