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  1. Lenina Rosenweg
    No problem. Hope things work out on your end.
  2. Sinister Intents
    No problem, awww That's sad, solidarity comrade! Getting into activism is really awesome! I wish I could do that here :/ Also I've been going through a psychological hell with depression and anxiety. // I accidentally unfriended you here apparently, 'twas an accident, I was removing banned members and people who never accepted my request and I mush have hit your pic by accident, my apologies for that
  3. Lenina Rosenweg
    Toki, Thanks! I've been dealing with some personal stuff and my Mom passed away about two months ago. Plus I've gotten more involved in activism which gets time consuming.I find myself coming back to Revleft..its hard to keep away, although I go in cycles.
  4. Sinister Intents
    You don't post as often as when I was a lurker you made awesome posts!
  5. Sinister Intents
    Your'e cool (
  6. Sinister Intents
    btw when I would lurk on revleft a few years ago I amade sure I always read your posts
  7. Sinister Intents
    Hail Satan comrade
  8. Prairie Fire
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    The issue with Avakians books is that they are good for finding trivia and useful factoids, and that is all. There is nothing there that is really actionable as far as class politics is concerned. But if you want to store some little fun facts from the history of various working class movements around the world, you can usually pick a few choice selections from Avakians speeches and writings.
  9. Prairie Fire
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    re: Avakian books, 'Away with all Gods' is one of the more useful ones. Most of the rest is pretty hit and miss.

    Some parts of " Ike to Mao" are insightful on the history of the new left in the United States.

    From what excerpts I've heard from " Preaching from a pulpit of bones" and "For a Harvest of Dragons," there is some useful snippets there as well (as far as chronicling history is concerned; they are very dated).

    Most of my Avakian books are actually from the 80's and 90's. I acquired them ( and a random assortment of other interntational new left materials, circa the 60's-90's,) from some old Canadian Maoist who liquidated his collection, so it doesn't really represent the current thought material of the RCP-USA. I've never read the BAsics, but I do have "Bullets" ( the little silver book), which is pretty much the 80's-90's precursor of BAsics, I think.
  10. Nice avatar choice. That cover photos for the magazine has been blowing up my Facebook the past couple days as comrades have been sharing it on their walls.
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