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    So, what do you think?
  2. Misanthrope
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    Sweet avatar.
  3. Velkas
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    You wouldn't need to immigrate to our homeland yet (we're planing to start moving to our homeland in about 10-20 years from now). All you'd have to do is keep active on the forum to help plan and organise for our future, and get others to join our cause, as well as promise us that you'll help us achieve our goals.
    Good luck on becoming a surgeon!
  4. Velkas
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    Do you still wish to become a citizen of FedCom. (If so, go to the website and register for citizenship).
  5. Velkas
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    Your welcome. If you need any more help or information, you can just ask me.
  6. Velkas
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    You can join if you want...
  7. Velkas
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    I mean the Zapatistas have an already functioning similar system which operates more along Anarchist principles, why not just support them?
    Perhaps once we are more powerful, we can work together with the Zapatistas (a socialist revolution in Mexico, and in Africa would bring us one step closer to world socialism), but for the moment I want to help make the world a better place in the best way possible, and what better way then to begin a new, libertarian socialist nation? (Also, I've founded a major province of FedCom, which shall work on principles of anarchist communism, with minimal national government interference.)
  8. Velkas
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    ah, i like that plan. how much progress have u guys made so far?
    Not much. We have lots and lots of plans and ideas, but we need much more people and resources, as well as enough time to perfect our plan.
  9. Velkas
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    just checked out their proposed government system... That's highly centralized, how does this mesh with your anarchist beliefs?
    It meshes a little bit with my belief systems, but discussions are under way discussing the use of a more libertarian system of direct democracy. Also, it is hard to use an anarchist system at the moment because we have very few active members. Once we have more people, we can reorganize, but at the moment, for efficiency, the control lies in the hands of the most active citizens.
  10. Velkas
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    We plan to gather enough socialists and revolutionaries together, and settle in a small, sparsely populated section of west-central Africa, to establish a socialist stronghold. Once there, we will build up our defences and declare independence from the government of the nation that contains our new homeland. During this time, and after gaining independence, we will build up a system of socialist ideals. We will then encourage socialists from around the world to join us, or begin revolutions against their state governments. Once our system is shown to work, the capitalists will begin to lose power, and we shall gain it. The small spark of revolution would have grown into a flame, and we shall set fire to capitalism.
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