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  1. Q
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    I noticed your tendency now says "Trotskyist", so I was like:

    So, what's with that? If you don't mind me asking
  2. Grenzer
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    That's the only road that's worth traveling! I do know about the PSL, they seem to be one of the largest and most influential Marxist parties in the country right now. I consider a lot of what calls itself the revolutionary left to be reformist, but it still seems like there are some good individuals even if the organizations themselves are rotten.
  3. Grenzer
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    I'm not a Marxist-Leninist, but I have to say you make some awesome posts.

    You don't seem to be stuck into some kind of narrow minded dogmatic thinking that a lot of people get in, and I have to respect that.
  4. RedTrackWorker
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    Have any further thoughts on the League material or related topics? One piece I'd be interested in your opinion of is Propaganda and Agitation in Building the Revolutionary Party.
  5. Yehuda Stern
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    Maybe we will. That'll be a gain all around.
  6. Yehuda Stern
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    Not formally, but we have been having discussions for a while. We released a statement detailing the nature of our relations a while back. The history of unprincipled fuses and splits among Marxist groups teaches one to be careful. As for the article you're reading, I think it's really fantastic. I just quoted part of it in a discussion on Afghanistan.
    Nice to see you're still here, btw.
  7. RedTrackWorker
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    That's on differences between us and some other groups, which can be the best way to learn some elements of the theory. This is a kind of basic statement of our politics which might also be useful. And there's of course plenty more. If you want to narrow it down somehow, ask away--and of course I hope you share your thoughts on what you read.
  8. RedTrackWorker
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    On the SL (etc.) the subject index has the online articles listed here. This summary of our debate (which links to the debate full transcript at the top). And the most recent thing on them vs. us in the transit union.
    For articles on the ISO and IST, see this link. A decent summary and the latest on their debacle in the Chicago Teachers' Union.
  9. Sixiang
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    I would agree with you there. They're the only U.S. organization I really support at the moment. But it still seems so small and young. I hope it will turn out well.
  10. Sixiang
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    Hey comrade. I see that you've left PSL and joined Kasama's ranks. Can I ask you why you left the PSL? What were some of the problems you had with it? I feel like the ML's in America are running out of options...
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The basic ideas of Marxism, upon which alone a revolutionary party can be constructed, are continuous in their application and have been for a hundred years. The ideas of Marxism, which create revolutionary parties, are stronger than the parties they create, and never fail to survive their downfall. They never fail to find representatives in the old organizations to lead the work of reconstruction. These are the continuators of the tradition, the defenders of the orthodox doctrine. The task of the uncorrupted revolutionists, obliged by circumstances to start the work of organizational reconstruction, has never been to proclaim a new revelation there has been no lack of such Messiahs, and they have all been lost in the shuffle but to reinstate the old program and bring it up to date.
- James P. Cannon, 'The Degeneration of the Communist Party'


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