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    "Then tell him to get his ass on here and debate me." ~ Kassad

    B.H. is busy with interviews during his campaign and will not be available until after November 2nd.
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    When someone is there in front of you, telling outrageous lies about about you to the world, do you feel that you have the right to defend yourself, your rights, your liberties? Or would you let them lie in your face to everyone around you and to everyone you have ever known? This is what is happen here to me and B.H. in this matter. Ask for proof that is not there because you know what is happening to me and B.H. here is wrong and hateful. Where is social justice in our movement?
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    Under the legally excepted norm policy of "public perception" they should remain since the SP-USA is a public organization and chegitz claims to be a controlling officer of said party. Comrades who hide secrets tend to backstab each other as is now plain to read. The backstabbing needs to end here and now.
  4. chegitz guevara
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    You probably should. They are internal messages of the National Committee of the SPUSA.
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    Oh, you... :]
  6. the last donut of the night
    Yeah, it's probably a permanent move. College is too expensive here, anyways. It's a shame, really. The PSL seems to have a lot of potential, and I hate that I'll be missing its first years. However, I'll always be a supporter.
  7. The Vegan Marxist
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    Definitely not the kind of Maoist who particularly saw the claims against the CCCP as being "social imperialists", & definitely not anti-cuba. I'm a Maoist who see's many contributions to the proletarian struggle through Mao's work, & although I see the cultural revolution by Mao as a great process of many, I'm also aware of the failures that came about from it as well. I see the great contributions from Stalin, in which must be upheld, but I also criticize Stalin on his lack of dialectical-thought, in which brought about unnecessary consequences because of such.
  8. The Vegan Marxist
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    Thank you for clearing that up with me. It's just that, out of everything they've talked about on achieving socialism, I just never got the idea that they were for revolution, despite their direct support in Marxist-Leninism & Mao's ruling. Are there any Maoists within the party? If not, then I'll be glad to be the first lol.
  9. The Vegan Marxist
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    From what I've heard, you're part of the PSL, right? Big supporter in them, & soon will try & join as well, but what I feel they haven't expressed that much is how they feel socialism should be achieved. Do they see the necessity for violent revolution as the means of achieving it, or do they see it as a means of achieving it through peaceful measures?
  10. the last donut of the night
    Same, really. The only thing stopping me is that I'll be moving back to Brazil soon -- I don't think it means much to be part of a party when you can't do much for it. However, I will look plenty around when I get there.
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The basic ideas of Marxism, upon which alone a revolutionary party can be constructed, are continuous in their application and have been for a hundred years. The ideas of Marxism, which create revolutionary parties, are stronger than the parties they create, and never fail to survive their downfall. They never fail to find representatives in the old organizations to lead the work of reconstruction. These are the continuators of the tradition, the defenders of the orthodox doctrine. The task of the uncorrupted revolutionists, obliged by circumstances to start the work of organizational reconstruction, has never been to proclaim a new revelation there has been no lack of such Messiahs, and they have all been lost in the shuffle but to reinstate the old program and bring it up to date.
- James P. Cannon, 'The Degeneration of the Communist Party'


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