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    Okay, it should be fixed now.
  2. Danielle Ni Dhighe
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    I'll pass it along and we'll see what's going on.
  3. Danielle Ni Dhighe
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    Thank you!
  4. The Idler
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    Don't know if you've ever been to L'Insoumise anarchist bookstore in Montreal but I've just sent them some CDs.
  5. The Idler
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    Have you met up with the Socialist Party of Canada by any chance?
  6. Ro Laren
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    Yeah, I'm looking forward to it even though I'm not much of a reboot fan. Even if it sucks at least I'll have something new to pick at and complain about. =P
  7. You mentioned that you are starting a journalism degree this week in pyho. I actually am as well, first class in on Thursday. Are you taking a 4 year university degree, or a 2 year college one? If you don't mind me asking. Also you're somewhere out in Ontario aren't you? I just moved here from Manitoba actually, I'm about 1.5 hours outside of Toronto.
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    The state has a juicy deal with Coca Cola, which gives them tons of profit. When the new Podemos government took power in Zaragoza, they threatened to suspend the juicy deal until Coca Cola complied with the sentence of bourgeois justice. Many workers appreciated this gesture and even travelled to Zaragoza to celebrate it. Yet, within hours, Podemos "corrected" their own position gave a new statement saying: "While we suggest that Coca Cola complies with the justice sentence, the public-private deals are unquestionable and will go on no matter what". So even this veeeeery weak measure, which merely amounted with the state threatening shutting down its own deal with Coca Cola unless Coca Cola complies with what the state is telling it to do, was immediately trashed.
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    I will give one extra example. Many striking workers have been leading a struggle against Coca-Cola for months, which is known throughout the whole of Spain and is perhaps the best example of a workers' struggle known by many people now. Coca-Cola treated the workers unfairly in very significant way and the bourgeois courts ruled in favor of the workers and gave a sentence to Coca-Cola. However, Coca-Cola never complied with what the courts told them what to do.
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    Furthermore, a key police leader in Barcelona, who is a known torture apologist, had said: "If the new Podemos government gets elected, then I'm retiring because of their clear anti-police standard". So he even goes to the extent of violating bourgeois democracy by making such statements. But as soon as he got elected, he said he had "no problem with it", and the new government in fact EXPLICITLY re-newed his position (which would expire otherwise), with the Podemos representatives publicly shaking hands with him and giving messages of encouragement.

    These are only two cases which happened which speak A LOT about the image of what happened under Podemos. There is an endless number of cases, and, of course, no real change is occurring under Podemos. Rather, they have confirmed themselves as the routine defenders of every injustice.
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