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  1. Slavoj Zizek's Balls
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    Hey, I had a question about Post-Left Anarchy and people like Bob Black. What have you learned from this line of thinking and how does it fit in with far-left theory (for you)?
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    Thanks. Did you watch Season 4 yet?
  3. Consistent.Surprise
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    Entourage FTW! Loved that show.
  4. synthesis
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    I feel you, I used to rap (I did a couple songs with him, actually) and the people I'd be working with would always get pissed off because I'd leave a feature half-done for like a month because I refused to record anything that didn't come into my head fully formed that I was convinced would blow people's minds.
  5. synthesis
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    That's what's up! I like putting people onto his music, not just because he's been my buddy since high school but because I really think he's just talented as fuck. Whatever part of his brain that makes music lets him just pull shit out of his ass in like 15 minutes that blows my mind on a regular basis.
  6. synthesis
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    Word, I like showing that one off because I first heard it with just the rapping (he self-produces) in summer 2010 and I thought it was dope as fuck. Full story is, he told me he would only put the song out if he got Kokane on the hook, so I finally got him in touch with Kokane (my dad works with him from time to time) after trying to set them up for like three months, and fronted him about 2 grand to get the feature. Then he hated what Kokane did, so eventually I got Kokane to refer us to Butch Cassidy, spent more money and time, and I finally convinced him it was good enough as it is. Now we're trying to get Missy Elliott on a song, because Fat Man Scoop wanted fucking $15,000 just to do a hook. I don't think it's actually gonna happen, but hope springs eternal.
  7. synthesis
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    Yo, I don't know if you remember me telling you about my buddy's music a few years ago, he just recently put some of it up online even though it's been finished for a minute now. At least check out "The W" when you get a chance, let me know if you like it and I can send you some other songs that aren't up yet.
  8. Ele'ill
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    we need a tattoo appreciation thread with decent photos of tattoos, I like your tattoo placement and the type of tattoos I am probably going to go with less color once I start having money regularly
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    Which song? Because that line is in all of his songs.
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    I see. Well, I guess I'll have to go without the rep then. Boohiss.
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