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    Whats a putinist?
  2. spartan
    Sorry Jacob but I am sticking with my man Putin for the foreseeable future.
  3. Die Neue Zeit
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    I was wondering if, after your "Putinist" stint, you'd be interested in having Oskar Lafontaine of Die Linke in your avatar.
  4. spartan
    Ha yeah that was just something that I liked but am now changing.
  5. JimmyJazz
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    Haha what timing...I was already laughing at your new avatar, which looks like the punchline to a joke several months in the making. But now it says your current activity is "modifying signature", lol.
  6. spartan
    I have to say that Napoleon and Stalin actually have alot in common.

    By that I mean that they both served a progressive revolution overthrowing autocratic rule before they themselves took control of it and became autocratic rulers themselves!

    Despite him being an absolute monarch he was actually quite progressive for his day (Enlightened Despot) in the field of law, military tactics, and his emancipating of Jews in France and the various territories he conquered (such as ditching laws which restricted them to ghettos as well as recognising Judaism as an official religion of France along with most major forms of Christianity).

    He is not a role model for the left though!
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    I am itrested in learning more about Napoleon Bonaparte, just give me a small summary.
  8. spartan
    I remember trying yonks back but I didn't get in.

    Plus since the last timne I tried I think the rules have changed so I wouldn't know where to start anyway if I wanted to join (though to be honest it doesn't really bother me if I am in the CC or not).
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    why aren't you in the CC comrade
  10. spartan
    Alot (and I mean alot) of members here think that Farc aren't a progressive organisation anymore (as Devrim put it, they are an "anti-working class gang").

    Indeed Farc were routinely denounced on this forum about a year ago if I remember correctly (back in the days when stalinists were banned or was that two or three years ago I don't know?).

    Now personally I wouldn't go as far as Devrim but then again I wouldn't go as far as not criticisng things they do wrong and calling anything that exposes there wrongdoing "bourgeois propaganda".

    Personally I think they are losing the war (which is bad but the writing was on the wall after 1991 and the increasing US presence in Colombia) and they are simply existing in a state of flux (half their leadership has been killed, either by the Colombian army or by their own men, and hundreds are surrendering every year).

    That's sad but what can we do about it?

    Go over there and volunteer?

    Thats okay I guess until you get shot by the US-trained Colombian army or when you become disillusioned (and you will) and want to go home and they don't let you (it's better to keep these westerners as they will fetch them some money as hostages).

    Failing that what then, support them on an internet forum?

    What practical good does that do for them?


    Wake up from your silly little fantasies, Farc would just as sooner laugh at people like me and you then thank us for our "support" (which consists of celebrating anytime they kill someone or Chavez says something good about them).

    This "revolutionary war" of theirs is nothing but a drug war against right-wing militias and a war of survival against the government.

    I am not going to address your "infantile", "teenage", etc insults directed at me as I don't think they bring anything to the debate.

    What I will say is you have a nerve coming on here talking about me and others sitting at a computer, whilst there are socialists fighting in liberation struggles around the world.

    If thats the case then why are you also here sitting at a computer and not with them?

    Don't go criticising people for something you too are guilty of!

    Your arguement that revolutionary war is hard etc, in no way justifies the treatment of those women and never will, and trying to cover it up by calling these women's testaments "bourgeois propaganda" is the biggest cop out from a debate I have ever heard.
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