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    8th October 2017, 18:43
    Ismail replied to a thread Titoism, Is It Socialist? in Theory
    In the cases of Yugoslavia and Poland austerity was more or less forced on these states as they kept on wracking up debt and Western...
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    8th October 2017, 14:34
    Ismail replied to a thread Titoism, Is It Socialist? in Theory
    Yes, it was socialist. I'd argue it wasn't a particularly good form of socialism, but there was no capitalist class in Yugoslavia. The sixth...
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    27th September 2017, 12:37 Scanned by me. It is over 500 pages and covers the birth of trade unions and...
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    26th September 2017, 19:15
    Added The Era of McCarthyism and Afro-American History: The Modern Era, both by Herbert Aptheker.
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    22nd September 2017, 19:52
    Ismail replied to a thread Holodomor Resources in History
    So does "a cross should be placed over" the supposedly "mechanical" policy of "liquidating the kulak" not mean what anyone would assume it means?...
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    22nd September 2017, 02:59
    Ismail replied to a thread Holodomor Resources in History
    The point is that individual farms continued to play a not-insignificant role in the Soviet economy until the mid-30s. There was not a situation...
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    21st September 2017, 16:28
    Ismail replied to a thread Holodomor Resources in History
    In fairness, one of the main reasons the famine occurred was due to the lack of info the Soviet leadership had on actual conditions in the area. ...
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    19th September 2017, 16:05
    Ismail replied to a thread Holodomor Resources in History
    * *...
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    19th September 2017, 09:18
    Laika replied to a thread Holodomor Resources in History
    I had a look on wikipedia and it would appear that the American Party of Labour is a Marxist-Leninist Party. So I'm going to guess you may be looking...
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  1. Radical Atom
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    Hi Ismail, just dropping by to thank you for the amazing work you do scanning all sorts of old and rare documents and books. We probably would disagree on many many many many things but I feel compelled to commend good work when good work is done.
    By the way, do you have any info on anti-religious campaigns in socialist countries? Be it accounts of events, official documents, examination of their effectiveness or whatever? Including Albania, of course, but not exclusively, I'm actually curious of lesser known examples if there are any.
  2. The Idler
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    What group should workers in Britain join?
  3. The Idler
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    Hello, are you in the CPGB-ML?
  4. 1. The historical context does justify itself in practice, but what of contemporary politics? I know as a Hoxhaist you deny they are socialist, but look at Cuba or North Korea; they are being squeezed, bullied and vilified by a veritable coalition of major imperialist powers, as well as suffering economically due to not being able to spread their countries’ resources well enough.

    2. No comment here really, though I would like to know about the exact degree of control by the workers in the workplace.

    3. No comment. Thanks for clearing this up though.

    I’m quite conflicted over what to align myself with, as everyone seemingly has a good defence of their tendency and good criticisms of their opposing ones; it is difficult to know what is true in such a maelstrom of information.
  5. As the foremost Marxist-Leninist on this website I thought you would be the best person to ask this; what is your defence of Socialism In One Country, and of the notion that the USSR under Stalin was a democratic workers' state with "actual existing socialism"?
  6. View Conversation
    Thank you, Comrade Ismail

    Have you started writing your Magnum Opus on Albania yet?
  7. View Conversation
    Ismail Knows All
  8. View Conversation
    Jeremy Corbyn quoted Hoxha today in a speech.
  9. Ismail
    That it was k00l.
  10. Sinister Intents
    So, what did Hoxha say on historical materialism?
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