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  1. Radical Atom
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    Glad to see you're still around DNZ
  2. Jacob Cliff
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    What is "third world Caesarean socialism", exactly? It sounds like some Maoist-theory without the campy rhetoric.
  3. Q
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    Good to see you're back! We've been busy ourselves in the Dutch camp
  4. Rafiq
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    Have you received my email?
  5. Patchd
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    You still have that god-awful Kautsky avatar :P
  6. Die Neue Zeit
    Not at all, and welcome to the group!

    (If you can read this message, since I can't post a Visitor Message on your profile or PM you)
  7. Sinister Intents
    As per the Revolutionary Marxists usergrouo: Do i need to have read Kautsky to join? I've read plenty of Marx, Engels, and Lenin, and my business experiences and my former anarchist positions helped me see Marxism in a better light. I'd like to join the group. Since you moderate it I figured I'd ask
  8. The Garbage Disposal Unit
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    Thanks for posting that series of articles on the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition. V. interesting.
  9. Q
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    You too
  10. Wtf you were restricted?
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"It would be nearer the mark - though still wrong - to accuse me of being a [...] Kautskyite [...] In fact, overt [... ]Kautskyism would be a move to the left and an improvement in the politics of the [...] far left." (Mike Macnair)
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"A new centrist project does not have to repeat these mistakes. Nobody in this topic is advocating a carbon copy of the Second International (which again was only partly centrist)." (Tjis, class-struggle anarchist)

"A centrist strategy is based on patience, and building a movement or party or party-movement through deploying various instruments, which I think should include: workplace organising, housing struggles [...] and social services [...] and a range of other activities such as sports and culture. These are recruitment and retention tools that allow for a platform for political education." (Tim Cornelis, left-communist)


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