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  1. The Idler
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    You will probably already be aware of the Red Party who link to your org. I first heard them mentioned in the Robbie Rix column in the latest Weekly Worker.
  2. The Idler
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    Lots of publications seem to be doing lists of their top articles from 2015. I wonder if Weekly Worker or any other you like might be doing lists of their top articles?
  3. Die Neue Zeit
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    Details, details, details (PM or e-mail
  4. Die Neue Zeit
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    I've come back with a political vengeance, comrade.
  5. The Idler
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    What's happening with
  6. LeninistIthink
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    Yo Q, what you thinking about this whole Corbyn thing?
  7. LeninistIthink
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    well I'll take another look at the CPGB(PCC) group I looked at them once a few years back, still shopping around . Also , IMO the split between the CWI and IMT is key, the hatred for each other isn't. Also trotskyism has a lot of splits for a lot of reasons Duncan Hallas did a good explanation for it , mainly that it was because of the lack of connection to the working class which it had when it began and the large amount of P-B and permanent opposition types joining up, but I'm sure you probably know that, you were a trot back when I was 6!

    P.S Thanks for saying ' you have fun' when I consider joining the group you waged war on as a CWIer , a lot of 'marxists' wouldn't do that, wish you all the best with the Communist Platform
  8. LeninistIthink
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    >your comment on Corbyn has got me thinking about joining the IMT. What magical group switching comment powder have you got , I want some for the M-Ls lol
  9. LeninistIthink
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    Oh and if you were in London did you pass by the Marx Library, I work there from time to time mainly in summer holidays but you should definitely go next time you're london
  10. LeninistIthink
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    I do remember reading some stuff by the CPGB(PCC) on Lenin a few years back, would you organise on a bolshevik unification , so all the different sects will be united into one dem cen party? Also, I can't tell about SA , I saw them out on a demo the other day, perhaps they made the same turn as SPEW???
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    i literally, like, can't even

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