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    I myself used to be hostile to existentialism, but I didnt have even an elementary understanding of it then. I just can't help but see that existentialism gives a lot of creedence to Marxism, and that existentialism is another thing that has inspired me to Marxism-Bolshevism. I consider myself to be a novice at philosophy: I'm more into the likes of Lenin and Trotsky myself. But maybe you could give me some guidance, since yo seem to have a handle on philosophy.
    -In Solidarity
  2. A.R.Amistad
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    Hey comrade,
    So I'm still struggling here and I'm glad yo posted what you did on anti-Dialectics. I'm still reading through it and so far I'm still neutral as to whether I accept the ideas of Dialectical Materialism or the ideas of Historical Materialism instead. Either way, I'm sure you've picked up that I am really big on this reconcialiation of Marxism and Existentialism (independent of Sartre, although I do admire his works) My main thing is trying to show that its not incompatible, since I do fear that many comrades in my party will cast me off as a bourgeois individualist. (cont)
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    Ah now you have started trolling my profile page. Stop this. I don't want to have any visitor messages from you in future.
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    Which mathematical argument of yours did I suppress ? Go on, prove your negation of Cantor's theorem or agree to defend a similar proof.
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    I see that you have already found it.
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    Basically i just want to hear both opinions as im not very well versed in dialectics, and i think the way the thread has been set up with 1 question one answer at a time, it will be benificial for all of us on revleft to see you two debate rather than question each others question


    Little Bobby
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    Hey Rosa, me and some other dialectics virgins have opened a thread for you and red cat to debate dialectics and m,aos theory of change, you get the first question and red cat has to answer before challenging, then you will answer his critique etc, this wy me and the others can learn and the thread wont be trolled, all the best
    Little Bobby
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    theres a call-out thread for you, I wouldn't answer.
  9. ChrisK
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    Once again thank you!
  10. ChrisK
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    Thanks! I'm looking forward to them.
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