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    Ah, I see.

    btw, can you sign onto AIM? thats much easier than wall posting.
  2. Rawthentic
    what are your thoughts on "reconceive as we regroup"?

    yes, maoism is a frequent topic because it is so important and influential, thereby creating a real need to view it, discuss it, apply it, as well as critique it and move beyond it (and marxism as it is). btw, a lot of our posts/topics are not maoist in any implicit or explicit way. i think that's something people appreciate about Kasama - it's diversity and broadness in topics.

    The cultural revolution, protracted people's war, the mass line, etc., are all important concepts that require real attention if there's to be a serious effort. especially in light of the maoist revolutions/movements in South East Asia.

    yes, Kasama is a formal organization, although it's a loosely held together network of revolutionaries rather than an explicit, structured, vanguard party.

    we dont need a quick fix and new party that loudly proclaims its principles and verdicts. that's the rasion de etre behind our slogan.
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    Ya, I do take a look at your site frequently. I saw the "reconcieve as a group" slogan but maoism is a frequent topic there so I couldn't quite tell if it was maoist or not, thanks.

    Is it a formal organization?
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    Is Kasama Project a maoist organization or a general communist organization? It seems like it doesn't have really annoyingly specific lines that all members have to take which I like.
  5. Armand Iskra
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    By the way, have you been in the Philippines?
  6. Armand Iskra
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    Hello Kasama! and Padayon!
  7. Rosa Lichtenstein
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    I do not want to 'engage the substance' here any more than I wish to debate any other myth -- that is why I do not go on sites that seek to show that Big Foot exists, and pick a fight with them.

    I am just concerned to expose the mass line as a mass lie.

    As I have noted in the thread, unless you have the primary data, not even you know whether this is the mass line or not.

    Your reaction, however, tells me that I am on the right lines here.
  8. Rawthentic
    umm, no. I know you dont agree with what I say. that is obvious.

    all i ask is you engage the substance of a thread. dont come in and nitpick crap. if you are going to do it, at least have the decency to respond to some of the questions i posed in my last two posts in that thread, including the links and references i provided.

    like i said, i wont bother anymore if you dont respond with some sort of content relevant to the point of the thread, which was to discuss methods of leadership. get into that. what holds you back? is it sooo hard?
  9. Rosa Lichtenstein
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    For you -- and may I remind you that you are the one who keeps throwing his toys out of the pram -- 'maturity' seems to mean: 'you must agree with everything I say'.

    Sorry, no chance...
  10. Rosa Lichtenstein
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    Because you Mao worhippers says things you cannot justify with hard evidence.

    Get used to it or don't...
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