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  • Ex-Libertarians/Ultra-Individualists

    "Anarcho-capitalism, in my opinion, is a doctrinal system which, if ever implemented, would lead to forms of tyranny and oppression that have few counterparts in human history."-Noam Chomsky

    Psychologist Albert Ellis has argued that adherence to Objectivism can result in hazardous psychological effects.

    A group for former and recovering libertarians, Ultra-Individualists, Randists, Anarcho-Capitalists, Agorists, and Objectivists.

    Last Activity: 25th January 2016 06:48

    45 member(s)
    fatherfoamhorse The_Southern_Leftist initforthelutz Chomskyan Red Liberator William Howard Taft Hungrydeer Demonarque Mackenzie_Blanc Yet_Another_Boring_Marxist
    Latest Discussion: anarcho-primitivism
  • Against Eurocentrism

    Discuss and debate Eurocentrism.

    "Eurocentrism is not, properly speaking, a social theory integrating various elements into a global and coherent vision of society and history. It is rather a prejudice that distorts social theories."

    - excerpted from "Eurocentrism" by Samir Amin

    Last Activity: 6th June 2016 15:24

    58 member(s)
    openminded RonPaulizKool Atsumari Palmares M-L-C-F William Howard Taft Queen Mab karl1994 Skyhilist DasFapital
    Latest Discussion: World Systems Theory
  • Unabashed USSR Supporters

    For unapologetic supporters of the former USSR, from its post-civil war beginnings up to Perestroika. While its initial goal of Communism was derailed by revisionists and saboteurs within the party, even in its ailing years (1930s-1980s) it stood as a bulwark against Imperialism and assisted revolutions across the globe. For those who believe unflinchingly that the world as a whole was better off with the USSR in the political arena.

    Last Activity: 17th September 2017 03:14

    53 member(s)
    Nah Revisionism rufus magister Sobornost ShadowStar RedKobra Lenin_Was_Right Brutus DavidePRC BisexualCommunist sosolo
    Latest Discussion: CCCP's leaders
  • United Anti-Capitalist League

    A call for anti-capitalist unity. Join the group, pledge your support for the idea.

    My draft for a mission statement:

    Who are the United Anti-Capitalist League? We are an organisation set up to bring together anti-capitalists around the world. Our goal is to unite all anti-capitalists - whether they be Leninist, anarchist, or anything else - around the common idea at the root of all their ideologies: that of the harmfulness, wrongness, and undesirability of capitalism. By this means we hope to create a united front of international solidarity, to gain a voice on the world stage, to pool our resources to promote our common cause, and to push for the realisation of a new society.

    We recognise the fact that there is ideological diversity among anti-capitalists, yet we fear that our arguments on the specifics of revolutionary change, and our obsession with points of contention, are getting in the way of such change. So long as we stick purely to our small sectarian groups, so long as we fail to co-operate, those forces which we oppose will remain relatively unchallenged. This cannot be tolerated!

    We also wish to educate the average person on the street about the real core of anti-capitalism. Communism and anarchism, in the popular consciousness, so often carry purely negative connotations, chiefly of authoritarianism and violence respectively, and our political enemies pounce on this ignorance in an attempt to discredit us. We must bring to the people an awareness that at the root of our politics is a common concern for the well-being and dignity of the human being. We wish to liberate man, not enslave or destroy him.

    Last Activity: 4th October 2015 18:08

    90 member(s)
    The Penguin Faust Arp REDwhiteandblue Delusional Kid Vogel Chomskyan The Red Star Rising 4thInter Socialist99 Red Liberator
    Latest Discussion: Leftism
  • Ex-Trotskyists

    Ex-Anarcho-Trot Conspirators of the world unite!

    Trotskyists welcome to participate in relevant discussion.

    Hey, if the ex-Anarchists ( and ex-Libertarians ( get a group well then so do we.

    You may as well join this ( group, too, if you are now a Libertarian Socialist.

    Last Activity: 17th September 2017 03:16

    34 member(s)
    Nah Revisionism initforthelutz poppleton RedKobra Brent Monnett Remus Bleys Popular Front of Judea NeonTrotski Ilyich Brutus
    Latest Discussion: What ideology are you now?
  • Stamp Out Scientology! (AKA Supressive Persons Unite!)

    This is a group for rationalists, anti-theists, and other concerned citizens who are dismayed, disgruntled, and dead-set-against this secretive and sinister cult.

    Last Activity: 19th June 2016 04:50

    50 member(s)
    TIVVYULTRAS initforthelutz Red Son cobrawolf_meiji The Red Star Rising CommissarNgugu TheDoctor1996 Aktionsgrupp William Howard Taft Remus Bleys
    Latest Discussion: We are ANONYMOUS!
  • Against Tea Party Fascists

    For People who oppose the new American manifestation of the Fascist movement in the United States

    Last Activity: 26th June 2016 15:44

    137 member(s)
    InfuriatinglyRed openminded Communist Mutant From Outer Space ShadowStar initforthelutz red-winter FarewellToKings Broosk BITW434 Counterculturalist
    Latest Discussion: Tea Party = Facists
  • Stop the Whitewashing of Important Figures

    Defend the socialist ideology of important figures that history books try to erase.

    Last Activity: 29th February 2016 18:40

    80 member(s)
    Chomskyan fatherfoamhorse ShadowStar IrishQueer Communist_Rage Faust Arp REDwhiteandblue The_Southern_Leftist Broosk BITW434
    Latest Discussion: Was Jesus a Socialist?
  • United Front

    Union of Socialists, Marxists, Maoists, Anarchists, Syndicalists, Anarcho-communists, and everyone else on the real left to fight Fascism and Capitalism

    Last Activity: 5th October 2016 03:57

    112 member(s)
    Cyborg Communist Wizard Chomskyan karlkropotkin WhiteCrow Aslan Ne réfléchis pas Nordic.Anarchist Red Scythe Faust Arp LeninistIthink
    Latest Discussion: What I think
  • FARC

    For supporters of The revolutionary forces of colombia

    Last Activity: 24th March 2016 14:54

    49 member(s)
    John Nada Cymon The_Southern_Leftist BisexualCommunist M-L-C-F BragaSc The Fonz RevolucionarBG MarxEngelsLeninStalinMao LiamChe
    Latest Discussion: New maintainer

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