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  • DeLeonist

    For Revleft members following or interested in the theories of Daniel De Leon.

    Affiliates of the non-Dogmatic-Doctrinaire Communist group (

    Category: Tendencies
    Last Activity: 14th June 2016 22:35

    65 member(s)
    Communist Mutant From Outer Space CaptainCool309 TH3times Comrade Strong BoratOfPhilosophy SonofRage TheBigREDOne ecosophy M-L-C-F William Howard Taft
    Latest Discussion: Hillquit's The People (1899-)
  • Bordigist

    For those members who follow the teachings of Italian Left Communist Amadeo Bordiga, or sympathize with his views.

    Bordigism is a tendency a part of the left communist tradition. It is opposed to the united frontism of Trotskyism and opposed to Stalinism. It opposes syndicalism and anarchism on the grounds that these positions are utopian, immediatist, and workerist. Bordigism maintains the importance of a restrictive vanguard party. As Bordiga says in his writing Fundamentals of Revolutionary Communism "By putting forward the idea of a proletariat without a party, a party which is sterilized and impotent party, or by looking for substitutes for it, the latest corrupters of Marxism have actually annihilated the class by depriving it of any possibility of fighting for socialism, or even, come to that, fighting for a miserable crust of bread." Bordigism takes the stance that democracy is not an end, but a means to an end and that, if we mean democracy to mean "the rule of all people" and, consequently, "the rule of all classes" then Marxists should be anti-democracy because, if society is broken down into two antagonistic classes (the bourgeoisie and the proletariat), and all states are organs of class rule, then we seek the rule of the proletariat over that of the bourgeoisie until a classless society can exist and terms such as "proletariat democracy" are contradictory.

    For a good reading on Bordiga and Bordigism, check out this article by Loren Goldner:

    The original Bordigist group from which many other international communist parties split can be found at this link:

    A large thank-you to Comrade Zanthorus for providing the links.

    Those interested in this group, or you want to just discuss Bordiga's works and thought, I would reccomend this.

    Category: Tendencies
    Last Activity: 20th January 2016 21:37

    43 member(s)
    Zanters Zoroaster Brutus Zukunftsmusik Zanthorus The Jay freecommunist Blake's Baby Remus Bleys ed miliband
  • Humanism

    For all those who reject any supernatural deity and religious dogma in subjects such as: Morality, Ethics, Human Nature, Reasoning, etc. And in turn, believe that it is us who make up our own Reasoning, Morality, Ethics, etc. in our lives, and to better humanity ourselves.

    Category: Tendencies
    Last Activity: 12th October 2017 04:07

    85 member(s)
    treich Miguel Goncalves SonofRage Loganauer tomcres Sil Faust Arp Comrade Maro wereanimal FarewellToKings
    Latest Discussion: American Humanist Association
  • Religious Socialism

    This is a group devoted to discussing religion and socialism. Possible topics for discussion include what constitutes ethical revolution, how to reach out to our religious communities, and ideas for combating religious and anti-religious intolerance in socialist and religious circles.

    Workers aren't just atheists, and many socialists of all tendencies are religious as well whether they are Christian anarchists all the way to Muslim socialists.

    Category: Tendencies
    Last Activity: 21st August 2017 12:23

    66 member(s)
    Johnnyred cruxcommunista pepezefrog Kilij fatherfoamhorse Fire Sobornost Cymon placidSquare1633 The_Southern_Leftist
  • Bukharinites

    For admirers of Nikolai Bukharin and his ideas during his left communist phase and/or in the so-called "Right Opposition".

    The purpose of this group is to discuss Bukharin's contribution to Marxism, and his works such as Imperialism and the World Economy and the ABC of Communism; as well as the political currents of the Russian Communist Left and the Right Opposition.

    Category: Tendencies
    Last Activity: 27th February 2016 18:36

    7 member(s)
    Communist Mutant From Outer Space L.A.P. Asero Zoroaster Queen Mab AvantL'Heure Grenzer
    Latest Discussion: ABC of Communism
  • Lacanian

    "the signifier is a unit in its very uniqueness, being the symbol only of an absence"

    Category: Tendencies
    Last Activity: 23rd March 2017 05:19

    21 member(s)
    haytham H O X H A midomidi2013 Mad Frankie BolshevikBabe Achronos TheEmancipator PetyaRostov Pricey Prinskaj
    This group doesn't have any discussions yet.
  • Collectivism

    Group for all the collectivists among us who believe one of the first step to emancipation is ridding ourselves from our social alienation with each other, integrating the whole of society into universal solidarity emphasizing association and community.

    Also for people who think individualism is stupid.

    Category: Tendencies
    Last Activity: 6th April 2016 12:43

    5 member(s)
    Chance John Nada LionofTepelenë Aslan Asero
    This group doesn't have any discussions yet.
  • Structural Marxists

    Structural Marxism was an approach to Marxist philosophy based on structuralism, primarily associated with the work of the French philosopher Louis Althusser and his students.

    Category: Tendencies
    Last Activity: 20th January 2017 20:34

    21 member(s)
    H O X H A Seldokopor Communist Mutant From Outer Space Scarlet Fever Mad Frankie Theta Sigma statecapitalist Fakeblock BolshevikBabe Stained_Class
    Latest Discussion: Ideology & Schools
  • Orthodox Maoism

    For Maoists who unambiguously oppose the 'Three Worlds Theory' and Chinese policy from the re-approachment onwards and see them as the beginning of revisionism in China.

    Category: Tendencies
    Last Activity: 2nd January 2016 20:57

    23 member(s)
    JackAmphlett initforthelutz Saophim KobeB Stradacero Xirian DDR Red_Banner Malesori Buttress
    Latest Discussion: Orthodoxy Maoism?
  • The Imaginary Party

    a group to critically discuss the practical and theoretical value of the works of tiqqun, the invisible committee and everything remotely related..

    also just a kick-ass tendency name....

    Category: Tendencies
    Last Activity: 22nd August 2016 23:06

    52 member(s)
    Molotov1848 John Nada Flavius Alexey Sobelsohn Communist_Rage Autonomie BIXX Sinister Intents BoratOfPhilosophy Christian Insurrectionist

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  • Revolutionary leftism Book Group for Beginners

    This is a group for people who are either new to leftism or for people who find it hard to understand or take in the contents of works on revolutionary leftism .

    The group will operate by selecting one book thats available on the internet and will read 1 section of a book (subject to discussion) and can debate and discuss in order to understand .

    Books will be chosen by nomination and then a vote.

    Last Activity: 13th November 2017 16:08

    107 member(s)
    redshrewsbury LeninistIthink sharrk24 RisingDawn TheAntiReactionary The Undecided ComradeBilly CaptainCool309 Aktionsgrupp Caperucita Roja
    Latest Discussion: Marx-Engles Reader
  • Solidarity With The Workers of Venezuela

    This group is for all of those who oppose any coup or color "revolution" directed by the historic enemies of popular struggle in Latin America, whether or not they support Chavez's Bolivarianism or see it as dead end reformism.

    This is a group to share information and discuss ways in which we can counter the lies of the media.

    Last Activity: 13th November 2017 16:07

    This is a private group.
  • Against the European Union

    For all the leftists who understand that the EU is just a capitalist union disguised in anticommunist,capitalist and imperialist propaganda and that it requires the workers to be exploited and the capitalists to be comfortable.

    Last Activity: 13th November 2017 16:07

    63 member(s)
    redshrewsbury Johnnyred Markslenin CheekiBreeki Communist Mutant From Outer Space Бай Ганьо MrPsycho1994 IrishQueer Faust Arp RedKobra
  • Unabashed USSR Supporters

    For unapologetic supporters of the former USSR, from its post-civil war beginnings up to Perestroika. While its initial goal of Communism was derailed by revisionists and saboteurs within the party, even in its ailing years (1930s-1980s) it stood as a bulwark against Imperialism and assisted revolutions across the globe. For those who believe unflinchingly that the world as a whole was better off with the USSR in the political arena.

    Last Activity: 13th November 2017 16:07

    This is a private group.
  • Solidarity with Cuba

    Be solidary with Cuba!

    Last Activity: 13th November 2017 16:06

    337 member(s)
    redshrewsbury Nah Revisionism Johnnyred cruxcommunista Raul Castro OnFire Noxian ConfusedCommie karlkropotkin Comrade_Zero
  • Environmental Left

    Many people are aware of the worldwide problem of environmental pollution and destruction. This is making the Earth become increasingly unstable and uninhabitable. Left unchecked, global warming and general ecological destruction will have catastrophic impacts on human, animal, and plant life.

    For too many environmentalists however, green issues and politics are “neither left nor right” or “beyond politics”. But this is not true. Ecological destruction is not an accidental feature of the capitalist system. The insatiable need to increase profits cannot be reformed away as its system of production, for profit and not need, causes huge amounts of environmental destruction and needless waste.

    On the other side, the left cannot ignore environmental issues or afford not to put enough emphasis on them as (1) a classless society does not automatically equate to an environmentally friendly one, although it does have the basis to create one (unlike a capitalist society) and (2) by the time we reach the point of a revolution, the environment may be beyond repair. If the left does not back these issues enough, it will be incapable of creating a future society that is free and equal; such a society must be in harmony with the rest of nature.

    We must not only aim to bring the green movement to the left but also make sure that the left is green.

    Category: Tendencies
    Last Activity: 3rd November 2017 19:28

    320 member(s)
    SATails IsaacIsaac openminded Rich Piana LionofTepelenë kolamon Jessica karlkropotkin Ricemilk OC96
    Latest Discussion: Climate action !
  • Anarchist

    A group for people who identify as anarchists regardless of traditions to discuss theory, history and practice.

    Category: Tendencies
    Last Activity: 29th October 2017 22:15

    This is a private group.
  • Anti-ML's

    Group for those who reject Stalinism, Maoism, Hoxhaism, Titoism, it's variations, branches and bastardizations, whatever their tactics and theoretical content.

    Category: Tendencies
    Last Activity: 29th October 2017 22:14

    14 member(s)
    fawquash Neo-Leftist001 Redjonri tpoted Bobby Havens SATails TKO bluetortilla aztecobolshevik LionofTepelenë
    Latest Discussion: Democratic Description
  • Left Communists

    This is a group for discussing the theory and practice of the left communist movement in the world today, and the lessons of the historical experiences of the world proletariat.

    Category: Tendencies
    Last Activity: 29th October 2017 22:13

    403 member(s)
    fawquash Cephalopod bolanoismygod AmericanCommunist bharat raghu Aidan Rowan Molotov1848 intellectualcigar JoPalma One Dimensional Man
    Latest Discussion: Where's Everyone Gone?
  • Against All Police

    This is a group for anyone against police institutions and anybody involved in them. We reject the concepts of 'good cops' and 'workers in uniform' as well as 'revolutionary' movements trying appeal to the killers shooting at us. From the UK to Vietnam to Venezuela, the cops are our enemies. They do not exist to protect or help people, they do not suppress 'fascist protesters'. We do not see any good coming out of an institution, or the people working in it, that is literally designed to enforce oppression. The police is an inherently violent, corrupt, and racist institution in modern society. Although, even if the police was a perfect 'non-violent', equal opportunity, transparent institution, it (and everyone in the force) would still be opposed because of their enforcement and direct ties to the state. As such, we oppose extensions of the police as well (ex: national guards/militaries). In a fight against the state, the cops already picked their side. Every cop a murderer, every judge an accomplice.

    Last Activity: 29th October 2017 22:13

    18 member(s)
    fawquash shad gnarxwolf Communist Mutant From Outer Space Chomskyan Smash Monogamy tomcres red.underground Jessica QueerVanguard
    Latest Discussion: This group doesn't have any discussions yet.
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