Party for Socialism and Liberation

The Party for Socialism and Liberation is a newly formed working class party of leaders and activists from many different struggles, founded to promote the movement for revolutionary change.

Capitalism—the system in which all wealth and power is held by a tiny group of billionaires and their state—is the source of the main problems confronting humanity today: imperialist war, poverty, exploitation, layoffs, unemployment, racism, sexism, lesbian/gay/bi/trans oppression, environmental destruction, mass imprisonment, unionbusting, and more.

We are fighting for socialism, a system where the wealth of society belongs to those who produce it, the working class, and is used in a planned and sustainable way for the benefit of all. In place of greed, domination and exploitation, we stand for solidarity, friendship and cooperation between all peoples.

We are convinced that we have now entered a new phase in history. Capitalist economic globalization and its attendant assault on the working class at home is combining with the rapid global march of the U.S. military machine to create new social and class contradictions that will lay the foundation for a revival of the socialist and workers movement inside the United States.

Most of the people in the world today are suffering from economic depression and recession. The U.S. ruling class is holding its breath, well aware that when the U.S. capitalist economy is seized by the next severe crisis or downturn, it is likely to precipitate a global economic crisis of historic proportions. Under those circumstances, the rule of capitalism must face the challenge of a revived movement for socialism. That is our Party's orientation. Marx's prognosis and theory of revolution in the advanced capitalist societies will be validated by the revival of revolutionary socialism in the very center of imperialism.

At the same time as we aim for revolution in the United States, we stand for defense of the existing workers states, the national liberation movements and for workers and oppressed people around the world in the crosshairs of U.S. imperialism. Only a party steeled in working class internationalism can hope to lead a revolution in the United States, the 21st Century prison house of nations.

The magnitude of our tasks will be matched by our determination to win. Join us!

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