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Human Progress Group (Moderated Group)

A discussion group for all progressive comrades on RevLeft, who firmly take the anthropocentric position against capitalism/the price system, religious superstition, bioconservatism in any of it's forms, neo-luddism, primitivism and any other attempts/tendencies to halt or regress development.

We are leftists of the variety that always puts the well being, pleasure and freedom of the human being in the center in a rational, socialistic, anthropocentric fashion and shuns technophobia as madness -- whether we otherwise identify as anarchists, marxists, or technocrats. A wish to combat reactionary forms of bioconservative or 'green' influence within the left is a uniting trait for the group.

We are a group of comrades who recognise human progress, material abundance and technological development, but also a society consisting of individuals with a healthy and rational mindset as essential requirements for the building of a truly equal, classless society. This means that group members are to be atheists, support the advancement of atheism and secularism, as well as oppose the influence of religion in society.

The group is not by any means meant to be exclusively for transhumanists, but for all leftists whose goal is the total liberation of mankind from both material, biological and moralistic limitations. In other words, for all those who realise that all the of the 'old crap' must go, if mankind is to reach it's full potential!

To summarise, to be eligible for membership in this group, you have to:

- Recognise the existence of anthropocentrism and biocentrism as two opposed paradigms, support and promote anthropocentrism and oppose biocentrism

- Support and advocate increased scientific research and technological progress, oppose any attempts to hinder/regress these

- Advocate a secular society and the promotion of atheism, oppose organised religion and defend the right of every child to a secular education

Group Discussions in: Human Progress Group

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    13th December 2013 04:06

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    18th November 2010 10:52

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