Non-Doctrinaire Communist

This group is for communists who do not subscribe to a particular doctrine or "ism". If you are a "Marxist-Leninist," Trotskyist, Maoist, Stalinist, Hoxhaist, Luxemburgist, Bordigist, Bukharinist or one of a million other doctrinal "ists", this group is not for you. However, if you recognize that even a blind squirrel can find a theoretical nut, or have no qualms about slaughtering your own sacred cows, or really understand what Marx meant when he said, "If anything is certain, it is that I myself am not a Marxist", then you might just be a non-doctrinaire communist. Group members must be able to agree with the Non-Doctrinaire Communist Credo.

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  1. Guardia Rossa

    13th May 2015 20:24

  2. AnaRchic

    30th April 2014 22:16

  3. Greetings

    Posted By RedZelenka
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    13th November 2013 18:35

  4. About this Group

    Posted By Martin Blank
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    24th November 2012 01:39

  5. Dumb

    17th April 2011 20:56

  6. RedZelenka

    29th November 2010 02:06

  7. neosyndic

    14th October 2010 20:41

  8. Kuppo Shakur

    15th September 2010 01:15

  9. Howdy

    Posted By ContrarianLemming
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    21st June 2010 05:18

  10. Hi

    Posted By anticap
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    9th January 2010 13:28

  11. CornetJoyce

    28th December 2009 03:06

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