Lenin's Myth of World Revolution by Piero Melograni

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  1. dodger
    Has anybody read this book? If so perhaps a few words, a mini review, might be a useful indicator to buying it! Thanks...
  2. Ismail
    I have it and am in the process of reading it. The author is basically an anti-communist and presents a picture of Lenin as interested more in Soviet Russia than world revolution for two reasons: 1. he could not tolerate the more "advanced" socialist movements of the West with their greater respect for democracy, 2. following this, his position as leader of the international communist movement and by extension Soviet Russia's leading role would have been challenged by revolutions in Germany and so on. Thus Lenin supposedly did not care for world revolution for these reasons and his policies were based on pragmatism la Stalin.

    Those who have read it in the past say that the thesis is unconvincing. I concur, but as I said, the book still has slight value.
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