Organizing Resources and Advice on Starting a Branch

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  1. thesadmafioso
    I don't want to cover any matters that have already been discussed or post anything which has already been posted, so I would direct anyone interested in getting a general idea of the LSSD to the topic I posted in Practice and Propaganda.

    A (rough) Guide to Starting a LSSD Branch

    1. Post some general fliers around your school which include some basic political content, contact information, and a date for an informational meeting. I've found general public areas to be suitable for such meetings, that way you can avoid having to officially register your group as a recognized club so as to secure a classroom or other space.

    2. Try handing out pamphlets in a public area on your campus with a high volume of foot traffic. I've found quarter sheet pamphlets to be of the most use, as most of the people you give lit to will be unlikely to read a full sheet of text (on a more practical note, you can print out more lit for less money). It will probably be difficult to find many people interested this way, but your trying more to establish yourself in the campus community as a leftist than anything else. Once people begin to recognize you, they will be open to directing any leftist friends they might have towards you and your group.

    You may also make some contacts who are not agreeable so far as politics go, but who may still be useful to your organizing efforts i.e. student press reps, student government members, members of more conservative clubs who may be open to hosting a debate, ect. I even had a democrat assist me in passing out pamphlets with Marx's face of them, just because we were on fairly regular terms with each other.

    3. At you meeting, if you plan on starting a LSSD branch, try to officially have the members of the group vote on adopting the name, constitution, and program of the LSSD. Feel free to adopt any additional programs or content as well, so long as it stays in line with the framework of the standing constitution and its spirit.

    As for questions of cooperation between branches, I was thinking that we could create a national/international political committee to deal with matters such as amendments and larger political decisions. Each branch could have one representative which would convene to vote on such matters. At large members could also elect a proportional amount of reps to this committee as well, I suppose. Though this is just a working proposal with no current use at the moment, I think it would be beneficial to have a potential framework for larger cooperation on hand should the need arise for it.