Good upcoming films/films you're looking foward to?

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  1. Os Cangaceiros
    Os Cangaceiros
    Are there any upcoming horror/exploit films you're looking foward to?

    I have two:

    Livide - This is directed by Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo. They're the two French filmmakers who helmed the over-the-top gore waterfall that was "Inside" (2007), starring Alyson Paradis (random trivia: her sister is Johnny Depp's longtime girlfriend) and Beatrice Dalle, who's a national treasure of France IMO. It looks very promising...I thought that it was very unfortunate that they never came through on directing the Hellraiser remake (and was further disappointed when Pascal Laugier also opted out).

    Sudor Frio - A new film from Argentinian filmmaker Adrian Bogliano. He previously directed the ultra-low budget "Habitaciones para Touristas" (Rooms For Tourists) and the brutal exploitation film "No Morire Sola" (I'll Never Die Alone). Those were very low-budget affairs, but still fairly entertaining. He's working with a much larger budget with this one, as he was awarded millions from Argentina's film lottery (or something). Definitely keep your eye out for it.
  2. Proukunin
    I'll definitely look into those. I really am looking forward to Human Centipede 2.
  3. Magón
    Red Dawn (Remake): Based on the near future of possibly political/world events, a group of teenagers band together in the mountains and hills, to fight against the invading North Korean People's Army, to free their small town from the horrible beheadings, rapes, mass killings, etc. that the North Korean's will no doubt be seen doing, all the while some of the teenagers will no doubt become intimate and have ridiculous teenage sex.

    I think it's one of the first, if not the first already, to be apart of the Hipster-sploitation genre that will surely sweep America by storm. It stars the sexy Isabel Lucas, who you may or may not have heard/seen in movies like Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and Daybreakers. It's also apparently got the guy who played Thor, and some other guy I never heard of.

    I'm also excited for the Human Centipede 2 also, because the first one made me just go, "WHAT THE FUCK!" But in a good, "I love/feel awkward sometimes watching exploitation movies," way.
  4. Proukunin
    I haven't even seen Red Dawn. Mainly because I felt like it was a bunch of US propaganda bullshit.
  5. Magón
    That's what makes it such a great exploitation film, even though it wasn't meant to be.
  6. Proukunin
    Yeah, I guess so.
  7. Os Cangaceiros
    Os Cangaceiros
    Exploitation is all about appealing to an audience's most base emotions/desires, and patriotism certainly qualifies, lol
  8. Pirate Utopian
    Pirate Utopian
    The Woman in Black trailer looked cool. Hammer horror is back.
  9. Os Cangaceiros
    Os Cangaceiros
    Awesome, Hammer produced some of the most consistently enjoyable genre films IMO.
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