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  1. The Hong Se Sun
    The Hong Se Sun
    A national united front in different countries? Or a international united front? And why? What groups and tendencies should be allowed in?
  2. PhoenixAsh
    ok...since nothing seems to happen....I'll kick off

    I think both.

    The enemy is not limited to one nation. In fact its a global epidemic....however the situation in the different countries are not the same and therefore require different approaches.

    For me this is limited to Marxists, Communists of every subcreed (though I have my doubts about Stalinists), non-authoritarian radical groups and anarchist groups of any kind (except the national anarchists)....and the more radical amongst the social-democrats for pretty much the same reason Trotsky stated...

    That said...since in the past communists and anarchist have taken time of the revolutionary agenda to slaughter each other...I feel that we are in for a diffucult and strenious cooperation :-)
  3. El Chuncho
    El Chuncho
    I agree with hindsight, though I certainly do not have any doubts about Stalinists!
  4. RevolutionaryTerror
    I think that due to the deep ideological differences between factions, any United Front must be built as a temporary coalition of forces with an immediate common goal.

    I too have my doubt about Stalinists, for example, but as long as they stand on this side of the barricades against the police, I will gladly welcome them as comrades. The most important thing is that we not try to create ideological unity, but unity in action. Whatever theoretical differences we may have, we must be able to put them aside in times of struggle (ie, now).

    I would like to suggest that we formulate a common plan, or programme of action that we can all agree on. This would need to be broad enough to attract many nationalities/tendencies, but not so broad as to be practically useless.

    I therefore would like to solicit suggestions from members of this group for a programme of action.
  5. mrmikhail
    I also doubt the Stalinists, and have great trouble trusting them as a Trotskyist myself, however I fully believe the far left (and even as stated the more radical social democrats) can unite together. We all share very similar broad goals, such a liberation of the worker, elimination of discrimination, ect, as such I saw we form a bond based on our common goal and use it as a strength to unite against the greater evil of capitalism in the world. Any opinions on this?
  6. union6
    As suggested above, an international united front with each nation having its own sub group sounds the best to me.
    As for who to let in, i will gladly fight alongside any comrade who wants to fight alongside me. If they read Stalin, Trosky or both (as i do) i does not matter, what matters is in there hearts not what’s on there bookshelf, if they are a true leftist then they have compassion and love for all proletarian.

    Or am i just being naive :S lol
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