Comandante Alape substitutes "Mono jojoy"

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  1. el_chavista
    We report that Pastor Alape is the new full member of the Secretariat of the Central Army Staff. Also that the Eastern Bloc of the FARC - EP will be called from now on "Block Commander Jorge Briceņo" to further develop their plans under the command of Commander Mauricio Jaramillo.

    Again, for 45 years as we have said, we reiterate our willingness to seek a political solution to the conflict to achieve coexistence roads open to attack and overcome the causes that generate it. But, on the understanding that starting a dialog can not be tied to unilateral demands and some immovable, which as they have been evidenced by recent history, all they do is hinder any attempt at rapprochement.

    We call the revolutionary fighters in the country to intensify the struggle and efforts to the goals of freedom and change. The desperate and deceitful appeals from oligarchy to abandon our convictions, decisions and dreams, only intended to convey a message of despair to our people who feel that the banners of revolutionary guerrilla warfare is a real possibility of a future dawn that fills their aspirations.

    Eternal glory to the fallen heroes in the resistance to the oppressor!

    Eternal glory to all fighters who have given their lives for the cause of liberation of our people!

    Commander Jorge Briceņo, a hero of Liberty, the New Colombia, the Great Fatherland and socialism: Present, farewell!

    Secretariat of the FARC - EP.
    Mountains of Colombia.
    September 25, 2010. "