FARC - ELN unity Statement

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  1. el_chavista
    The FARC-EP: Secretariat of the Central and the ELN: Central Command have issued a joint statement announcing that they will now be working together in unity to oppose the latest escalation of the US proxy war in Colombia.

    The National Secretariat of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia People’s Army and the FARC-EP Central Command OSCC National Liberation Army ELN, we reach out to all guerrilla fighters and the two organizations our warmest, combative, fraternal and revolutionary salute .

    Please note that we have met in an atmosphere of brotherhood and comradeship that has allowed us with sincerity and transparency to uinderstand the current moment, we have the outlook and commitment to assist us as revolutionaries to address the previous difficulties that have arisen between the two organizations.

    Capitalism is in crisis. Their rule, as it always has done, is through overt war, and in this way they increase the occupation troops in Afghanistan by sending tens of thousands to join existing ones.

    Today Colombia is to be converted into a military base at their disposal to drown in blood the resistance of our people and from here, they seek to reverse the new project in our America that rides along the valleys and mountains.

    In response to this militarisation we urgently need to rescue the banner of peace in Colombia as a commitment to peace in the continent.

    At this very hour, where the various expressions of social and popular movement are resisting and mobilized, we went to work for unity to face, firmly and belligerently, the current regime of Álvaro Uribe’s government which has become the most vicious puppet.

    The Empire plans trampling on our national dignity, the desire of Colombians, and imposing their will at gunpoint through institutional paramilitary repression and with a corrupt political mafia.

    Our recent evaluations show that Uribe’s two terms have been failures in the economic, political, social, justice and all other orders, therefore nothing wrong and dangerous for the fate of the country that a new re-election or inspired by the Democratic Security.

    Only unity and resolute action by the Colombian patriots, democrats, revolutionaries and all those who keep hope in the political solution can end the war, find peace and to enable the construction of a new Colombia. We want to be included in the deciding Colombia’s fate to ensure it will not be alien to the new dynamics that today live in our America.

    Understanding the needs of the moment and our revolutionary condition leads us to order all our units:
    1. Stop the confrontation between the two forces from the publication of this document.
    2. Do not allow any collaboration with the enemy of the people, or make public accusations.
    3. Respect for non-combatant population, their property and interests and their social organizations.
    4. Make use of the thoughtful and respectful language between the two revolutionary organizations.
    We are committed to enable the spaces and mechanisms to clarify and find the real causes that have led to this senseless confrontation in some parts of the country and work to overcome the damages caused. We will give precedence to analysis and critical, frank and constructive discussion that contributes to unity and revolutionary fraternity.

    Our only enemy is U.S. imperialism and its lackey oligarchy

    Yankees out of Colombia!
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