What part of Texas is reactionary?

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  1. Bright Banana Beard
    Bright Banana Beard
    Seriously, I would say Arizona is worse than Texas in term of reactionary. In the small town I live, it is heavily unionized that there is any barely corporation on this town. There is even spice in every store and the granny acts like it didn't bother them, not even the churchgoer are bothered about this.
  2. Brother No. 1
    Brother No. 1
    Every single fucking part of it. Texas is Reactionary in the fact that it idolizes itself as a state that has won its independence though a 'justified' revolution and democratically became apart of the United States. Not mentioning at all it was the White Plantation owners who rebelled and, later, took the Tejanos land away from them (much as they did too in Califorina) and since they were a Slave state the children are not taught of it. Not to mention constant bickers with the Mexican goverment, in which the Texas goverment would rather invade it then threaten it.
  3. Bright Banana Beard
    Bright Banana Beard
    I believe you are referring the bourgeoisie democracy of Texas, which is pretty much strengthened while the minority are basically stuck at this level. While I agree with your statement, I should add the people here aren't so bad but what suck is that they will not be properly taught in school, which is worse then Canada, they mentions that anyone can go out with anyone as long it is consent.
    It is pretty much bullshit we can't do shit in Texas basically because the reactionaries going to be more even reactionary every time it get pushed. However, I think Texas have more leftist potential than Florida does because we have oil factories in the SE which is heavily unionized and Tejanos being oppressed, also we have many minorities.

    What I'm saying is that we should start creating alternative culture in Texas because there isn't one that values leftist ideology as many people don't fit in the scene that bourgeoisie Texans does such as White Cowboys.
  4. Incendiarism
    In my town the atmosphere is truly stifling. It's not that everyone is a flat-out corporate, sociopathic monster, but you know just by looking at them that there is no room for progress.
  5. rundontwalk
    I think demographic changes will help a lot. For instance, in Rick Perry's presidental campaign you see him with a more liberal immigration policy compared to his opponents because he can't play the ''Latinos are scary'' card if he wants any chance of being reelected governor.
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