Che view of other communist leaders

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  1. Comrade_Stalin
    [FONT=Verdana]I would like to know what was Che view on other communist leaders before him, like Stalin, [/FONT][FONT=Calibri]Mao, Lenin, Trotsky and so on. [/FONT]
  2. down012
    There is very little documented evidence of che's opinions of socialist leaders. Although it is certain that he read voraciously all the published material of said leaders. Che met Mao and whilst being complimentary to his vision he believed that the asian socialist model would not work in latin america. The clearest documented opinion on any of the list of thinkers is on lenin. As a young man che was an admirer but later believed that Lenin betrayed marxism by allowing some free trade and movement of capital to try to stimulate the soviet economy in the 1920's. In fact most interesting of all Che predicted the fall of russian socialism 30 years before it happened. Hope this is helpful I will continue to search for more, thanks for posting. Long live Che!! Viva la revolucion!!!!
  3. Comrade_Stalin
    When you say that Che beliveved that Lenin betrayed marxism by allowing some free trade, you are talking about the New Economic Plan (NEP)
  4. freedon
    Freedom Road claims Che was a an admirer of Stalin. I've also heard that he visited and admired N. Korea and I'm looking to confirm that.
  5. Volcanicity
    ^Che was an admirer of Stalin and Mao,and he visited North Korea during his first trip to China in 1960.
  6. down012
    I have read alot of claims recently that Che was an 'admirer' of Stalin. I have read most of his published works and whilst as many leftist thinkers of the time he praised some of the things Stalin did in the USSR I think the word admirer is a gross exaggeration, and may be part of the anti Che propaganda that is beginning to resurface. The main thing to remember is that Che was a dedicated Marxist. As we should all be. Long live Che!!! Viva la revolucion !!!!
  7. Volcanicity
    In a letter to an Aunt he said"I have sworn before a picture of the old and mourned Comrade Stalin,that I wont rest until I see these capitalist Octopuses annihilated",and in another letter he signed it" StalinII."I agree he was a dedicated Marxist but I see nothing wrong in him admiring Stalin and Mao.
  8. The Scorpion
    The Scorpion
    People don't see that you do not have to have a few. Marx and Engels pretty match covered every scenario that would describe revolutionary history and Lenin amalgamated it just reading the basic works of those two is enough to let you know the real aims of Marxism and Lenin's works elaborate on how....when it comes to Trotsky or Stalin ( I have my opinion=fact but will keep it), you are not obliged to adhere as long as you know the thorough basics of Marx and Engels - many Marxists existed before their time and they were indeed revolutionary - The Paris Commune comes to attempts to place Che in the factionalism are futile since Che knew this: the world is divided into majority oppressed and minority oppressor, America leads this mammoth tool of oppression and it is the enemy of humanity, Marx provided the best political and economical explanations of history and how it can directed to the benefit of all and liberation of all - having that in mind, he picks up his gun and goes off to fight! Which is what we all should be fucking doing! Like RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!