Left Parties Everywhere by Oskar Lafontaine

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  1. Die Neue Zeit
    Die Neue Zeit

    Good compilation, but moreover has an English translation of Lafontaine's speech in this Parti de Gauche video:

    http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7k...rti-de-ga_news (70 minutes into a video that has, as one of the guests, someone representing Evo Morales only 14 minutes after the beginning)

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  2. Tower of Bebel
    Tower of Bebel
    What's so good about it? Lafontaine should have supported the NPA. The French are losing confidence and what they need is a boost. Someone must tell them that they need to struggle. Even though Lafontaine, who resigned in front of the party's opportunist, rightist, only-but-parliamentarism wing, should also have boosted his own party's confidence as the party of opposition.
  3. Die Neue Zeit
    Die Neue Zeit
    I said it was a good book only because Spokesman compiled a bunch of texts, not because of the content in Lafontaine's words. I agree with you re. Lafontaine's resignation, though.
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