Coolest anime character?

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  1. NecroCommie
    Let the fight begin. Poll might be added later if clear favourites arise.

    I admit... I'm a fan...

    And lets face it, you all know who he is.
  2. Bitter Ashes
    Bitter Ashes
    pfft. Haru-hara-Haruko, or Misato > all
  3. Bright Banana Beard
    Bright Banana Beard
    Aizen certainly will own your Itachi.
  4. NecroCommie
    oooh no he wont!

    I did mention I have mangekyo sharingan contacts?
  5. mykittyhasaboner

  6. Bitter Ashes
    Bitter Ashes
    But they're all so booooring!

    What other character do you know that carries around a rip chord powered flying bass guitar that opens up giant-robot-spewing-portals inside the heads of small children, fires fully automatic high calibre rounds and smashes satalites back into orbit? She also has pink hair. Haruko wins End of! ^^
  7. NecroCommie
    I'm intrigued...

    And I dont even know the series shes(?) from! Might you enlighten me oh Ranma?
  8. Bitter Ashes
    Bitter Ashes
    She's from FLCL. She really does rawk
  9. Bright Banana Beard
    Bright Banana Beard
    you can only see her nice ass, but then it over.
  10. mykittyhasaboner
    Fooly Cooly!! I like saying that. I saw a few episodes, there aren't very many right Ranma?
  11. Bright Banana Beard
    Bright Banana Beard
    6 episodes only.
  12. NecroCommie
    Ok... The series is loading now, and I'll think I'll watch it tomorrow.
  13. Bitter Ashes
    Bitter Ashes
    Yup. Only 6 episodes, but it is epic! It's also one of the fewq animes I'd recommend watching the dub instead of the sub too, as the voice actors are awesome in the English dub. Got to love all the inuendo too lol
  14. Communist Theory
    Communist Theory
    Kakashi Sensei.
  15. Jazzratt

    This man is 500x more badass than you will ever be.
  16. Bitter Ashes
    Bitter Ashes
    Who's that Jazzrat?
  17. Jazzratt
    The eponymous hero of Afro Samurai. (I love situations where I can use the word "eponymous"). Very much of the "heroic stoic" mold and the anime is probably a bit cheesy but I still think he's awesome:

  18. NecroCommie
    Very... Japanese...
  19. Jazzratt
    Originally Posted by NecroCommie
    Very... Japanese...
    I wasn't aware this was the "most japanese anime character". Were that the case I would have definately seconded Ranma's suggestion of Haruko. While I find the insight into parts of japanese (popular) culture afforded by anime interesting I do not think that it should be the only standard by which it is judged and I also happen to think that an enormous afro, a sword and a ubiquitous soggy roll-up make for a really cool character.
  20. NecroCommie
    You got me wrong there. Your character is very japanese in its randomness. I find weird things to be very... ... Japanese...
  21. Jazzratt
    Ah fair enough. Nevermind then.
  22. redSHARP

    thats about it folks, going with Saito, captain of the 3rd shin-sen-gumi squad (spelt right?)
  23. Killfacer
    obviously the answer is Monkey D Luffy from One Piece.

  24. Killfacer
  25. Communist Theory
    Communist Theory
    Kakashi Sensei

    One word- Chidori
  26. Killfacer
    the top right picture where he's facing off Orichimaru over Sasuke's body is the best.
  27. Velkas
    Hei, from Darker Than Black. So awesome his fan nickname is "Chinese Electric Batman." His trench coat is bulletproof, but only when he's wearing it. His weapon is a knife on a metal wire that he can use to discharge his electric powers. Pretty much, he's made of awesome.

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