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  1. Brother No. 1
    Brother No. 1
    comrades the CCCP had many leaders over the years some great and some not so Great so tell me Who is Your Favorite Premeir of the Soviet Uniona and tell me why. mine is Vladimir Llyich Lenin Reasons stared the Revolution, Helped the Poor of Russian empire and Destroyed it.
  2. SocialDemocracy19
    Yes Lenin started it all and in a very good manner according to what ive read, also their was Leon Trotsky whom created the glorious theory of permanent revoltuion, had he convinced more people on the warnings of Stalin perhaps we would still have the soviet union and history would'nt have looked at the soviets as war hugry masters of tyranny.
  3. SocialDemocracy19
    Also Khruschev all though he gave into bureaucratic captialist requests to no longer allow cuba the right to defend themselves, no leader is perfect as i would say hes one of the very few in the Soviet Union's dark more recent past who did more good than bad as he brought about the reality of the terrors stalin was creating behind closed doors.
  4. Soviet
    A soviet anecdote of 1980s :

    "Lenin proved that masses can govern a state.
    Stalin proved that a person can govern a state.
    Khruschev proved that a fool can govern a state.
    Brezhnev proved that it is possible not to govern a state at all.
    And Andropov proved that if to begin to govern a state after it you'd not leave a long."

    Here you can see the attitude of russians to their leaders.
  5. Brother No. 1
    Brother No. 1
    Lenin was the Great leader who started it all but died to early it was sad that day and I cant belive what wiston chruchill said about lenin " their first worst day was his birth their second wil be his death"
  6. LOLseph Stalin
    LOLseph Stalin
    They were all crappy except for Lenin and Trotsky(I know he was never actually the leader, but he was still an important revolutionary). They all screwed up somehow.
  7. Brother No. 1
    Brother No. 1
    Yes lenin gave hope to the people and lead them to victory and trosky tried to see Lenins dream come true.
  8. LOLseph Stalin
    LOLseph Stalin
    Yes, but Stalin destroyed that dream! Grrrr! >
  9. Brother No. 1
    Brother No. 1
    but we have always another chance comrade to make that dream come true.
  10. AntinoiteBolshevik
    I adore Lenin and Trotsky. I also think Brezhnev was pretty cool... because he's was a megalomaniac fool who wanted to be the new Stalin lol :P.

    Stalin was a modest man, he only accepted one Hero of the Soviet Union badge, Brezhnev had 4 and every single other badge besides the Motherhood Badge! (but, we all know he would have taken that one eventually lol).
  11. Glorious Union
    Glorious Union
    Lenin, no doubt. Quite possibly my favourite historical person ever.

    You know, they still have his body in Red Square. We can always resurect him or even clone him when the medical procedures are available for that.
    Would be a strange day when that happens. I wonder what Lenin would think of today's world...
  12. Brother No. 1
    Brother No. 1
    Lenin would be sad and angy that the CCCP has fallen and Capitalism roams Russia. But happy for Communist groups and rallies are more popular then back then.
  13. PCommie
    Yeah, this is going to stir crap up, but I would say Mikhail Gorbachev, because of Glasnost. He freed stuff up and whatnot. True he let the Union fall, but Glasnost was a good thing I think, from what I know. Don't know what perestroika was, but I think it gave the cappies power and that was not so good. But if I had to pick a leader that wasn't Gorbachev, I guess Lenin. I'm not a Leninist but at least he rebelled against opression.

  14. Communist Theory
    Communist Theory
    Lenin ftw.
  15. Brother No. 1
    Brother No. 1
    Yeah, this is going to stir crap up, but I would say Mikhail Gorbachev,
    So your fav leader of the CCCP is the Capitalist who brought it down?
  16. Communist Theory
    Communist Theory
    Perestroika was the part where he changed it to Capitalism.
  17. LOLseph Stalin
    LOLseph Stalin
    Don't know what perestroika was
    Perestroika were the economic reforms. Gorbachev made moves away from a centrally planned economy to a more free market type system. It's really a shame because if you look at Russia now they're having alot of problems with Free Enterprise and Bourgeois Democracy. There's alot of corruption in their government.
  18. scarletghoul
    Yeah Glasnost was pretty good idea, so I can't totally hate Gorby, but overall he wasnt that good because he destroyed socialism.
    In terms of policy, probably Kruschev is my favourite.
    I like Stalin's personality a lot, hahahha, but not so much his politics.
  19. marxistcritic
    Krushnev is my favorite because he stopped the cruelty of Stalinism and made the americans scared.
  20. Brother No. 1
    Brother No. 1
    made the americans scared.
    Sure....and His "Peaceful-Coexistance" plan must have got them frightened as well. (Sarcasm.)
  21. DecDoom
    Lenin, of course.
  22. LOLseph Stalin
    LOLseph Stalin
    Lenin, of course.
    Lenin is the obvious though.
  23. Salabra
    Originally Posted by InsertNameHere
    It's really a shame because if you look at Russia now they're having alot of problems with Free Enterprise and Bourgeois Democracy. There's alot of corruption in their government.
    You deserve the Order of Lenin for this most gentle of understatements!
  24. Kornilios Sunshine
    Kornilios Sunshine
    Stalin and Lenin.Lenin because he was the leader which started Communism in the 20th Century and Stalin because he saved the Greeks from being killed by the Nazis.Glory to Lenin and Stalin! :-)
  25. Bolshevik_Guerilla_1917
    Stalin may have done some fucked up shit sometimes, but you gotta always like at least one crazy bastard
  26. Stalinist Speaker
    Stalin and Lenin. if there is a third its Brezhnev
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