Why is the socialdemocrat symbol in the picture?

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  1. EvilRedGuy
    This is a united pro-communist group, right? The hand holding the rose is the socialdemocracy's(capitalist) symbol.
  2. Ocean Seal
    Ocean Seal
    Photoshopping it out would be kind of a hassle. Also I'm not sure if actual socialists use the rose.
  3. EvilRedGuy
    Socialists dont use the rose, Socialdemocrats use it, its their symbol: However theres more important things than photoshopping it out.
  4. Property Is Robbery
    Property Is Robbery
    Democratic Socialists use it. So does the Socialist International
  5. Soseloshvili
    Yes, actual Socialists use the rose. A Socialist organization (mainly Trotskyite in identity) which makes up the most left wing faction of our Social Democratic Party, the NDP, called the Socialist Caucus.

    I added it to attempt to symbolize cooperate (not entryism) with the left-wing factions of the mainstream political parties - though, this is more applicable in some countries than others.
  6. thriller
    Socialist Party of Wisconsin uses the rose symbol. They CLAIM to be socialist, but they act more like progressive democrats.
  7. Drosophila
    They have the potential to be actual leftists
  8. Soseloshvili
    It's not in the interest of Pan-Leftism to talk about excluding one symbol arbitrarily, is it?

    And, in Canada, there are true Socialist organizations which use the rose.
  9. Tolstoy
    I think the SPUSA and the DSA both use the rose symbol. Plus it looks nice
  10. TheGodlessUtopian
    Revolutionary Democratic Socialist have been known to use the symbol.
  11. Црвена
    The Labour Party in the UK use a rose symbol and they're conservatives. Or at least, New Labour are.
  12. Chomskyan
    Both Democratic Socialists, Labor and Social Democrats use it.
  13. mushroompizza
    The Socialist International uses it too.
  14. lutraphile
    Well, Socialist International using it isn't exactly evidence that it isn't used only by social democrats
    Nonetheless, some democratic socialists do use it, though I think most use the red star at this point.
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