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  1. ZeroNowhere
    I suppose that it could be useful to have a thread for members to request bands of a certain type, and for other members to answer this with recommendations. I suppose that it could also make sense to just recommend bands which aren't too well-known, along with a description of them, similar bands, and so on. Since this group has a relatively narrow focus genre-wise, I think that this would probably be able to help most people interested in its subject matter. It would be useful if some degree of description could be given for recommended bands, or at least an example of their music.
  2. Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford
    I like the idea.

    Acrimony. A short lived band from Wales in the 90s.

    Basically psychedelics and metal. not much to it besides them having very balanced audio so it doesnt sound like one part is drowning out another by accident.

    Heavy Feather - Acrimony

    When i first found out about them i was just checking shit out on myspace music when i was younger. Though albums are not readily available($99.00 a pop), and i dont believe there is a single torrent out there for this band, its something that SHOULD be checked out.

  3. ZeroNowhere
    I quite liked that song, and it's certainly very much on the 'stoner' side of things, which is something that I need to check out more in any case. Thanks for that.
  4. Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford

    Electric Wizard, born out of Thy Grief Eternal and later Grief. Known by some as "The heaviest band in the universe" their most known album is "Dopethrone" but which is probably as heavy as it gets. "Come my Fanatics" and their self-titled "Electric Wizard" are just as heavy but a bit more spacey and astral feeling(especially "Mountains of Mars" on the "Electric Wizard" album) in some of the tracks.

    Their music covers a lot of occult type stuff and black magic. Theres also very stoner type songs too.

    There have been a few band member change ups, i think one or 2 died. i cant remember. But, nevertheless, this band is basically essential.

    heres a general look at the variety of stuff they do.

    From "Dopethrone"
    Electric Wizard - We Hate You

    From the album "Electric Wizard"
    Electric Wizard - Mountains of Mars

    some of their newer and a bit faster stuff
    From the album "We Live"
    Electric Wizard - The Living Dead ad Manchester Morgue

  5. Rooster
    Electric Wizard are awesome.

    Anyone know of any like traditional doom metal like Witchfinder General but have a modern, fuller sound?
  6. Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford
    Definitely not the same theme but Blood Ceremony definitely falls back into the 70s style. if thats what you mean.

    By the way, EXCELLENT female vocalist.

    Blood Ceremony - Into The Coven
    Blood Ceremony - Master of Confusion

  7. Red Brigade
    Red Brigade
    The Melvins a sludge band from Washington. They are known as the fathers of grunge.

    Melvins - History Of a Bad Men

    Melvins - Honey Bucket
  8. Blackscare
  9. Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford
  10. Railyon
  11. Brosa Luxemburg
    Brosa Luxemburg
    Goatsnake's song "Flower of Disease" is amazing
  12. Brosa Luxemburg
    Brosa Luxemburg
    Scratch that, that entire fucking album is amazing.
  13. Brosa Luxemburg
    Brosa Luxemburg
    Originally Posted by rooster
    Electric Wizard are awesome.

    Anyone know of any like traditional doom metal like Witchfinder General but have a modern, fuller sound?
    Acid King, possibly?
  14. slum
    good sludge;
    cable is awesome, check out pigs never fly and sunday driver
    eyehategod are pretty ok
    someone already mentioned melvins
    godflesh dont really count but they were swell, you should listen to them
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