Favortie Artist?

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  1. Il Medico
    Il Medico
    My favorite probably is Salvador Dali

    I am also rather fond of Claude Monet

    And I am a big fan of Diego Rivera

  2. khad
    You may actually recognize the group image as a painting by Maurice Prendergast, an American impressionist.

    Sunny Day at the Beach

    Still Life with Apples
  3. leftace53
    I absolutely love Dali's Clock Explosion, and lots of other Dali stuff too!

    I also have a thing for sculptures, like Winged Victory of Samothrace, and Eros and Psyche.

    Eros and Psyche

    Hi Art People
  4. Lyev
    I love this, by Magritte:
  5. Italo Unti
    Italo Unti
    I like woodcuts and block prints:
    Tom Killion

    Gustave Baumann:

    Micah Schwaberow:

    This would have to be my absolute favorite woodcut though:

    Ernest William Watson
  6. Stalin'sGulag
    My favourite artists must be Joan Miró


    Egon Schiele
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