What FARC Needs

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  1. The Scorpion
    Is none of you.
    What FARC needs is actually support and help - here is a revolutionary group that has been stuck in guerrilla warfare for decades- a struggle that has just become domestic! No! Marxism means internationalism, means anywhere where the peasants and workers have picked up arms we should join in- we can't have these packets of stagnation in guerrilla form in Colombia in state form in Cuba - socialism does not work at all if forces that propel it are not comprehended, these forces in this globalized world are none other than cross border connections...having said all this I am sure many of you would probably agree to fight for your countries in conventional wars that have nothing to do with revolution -also sure many of you have yet none even ever mentions the ver forgotten struggle in Colombia which is our struggle - you have left the workers completely unaware of it -and FARC is only reflected upon by some actions of it's desperate measures=kidnappings, taking taxes in the drug trade...solidarity in thise woulkd sweep across, the world is more connected than it was in 1917 or during the spanish civil war all we need is one strong show of solidarity
  2. sajadche
    we are suporter of farc!
    if i live in the latin america, sure i entered to farc brigade.
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