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  1. Red Brigade
    Red Brigade
    The Keffiyeh is the symbol of Palestinian nationalism and Palestinian struggle. So does any one know any good site to get a keffiyeh. I tried looking on ebay and amazon. But they were full of hipster/emo, and army keffiyehs which seem to have a different pattern then the keffiyehs worn by Palestinians. If anyone knows a good site or a seller on ebay/amazon please post the link in this discussion.

  2. redphilly
    Don't buy online unless you know the sources actually gets them in Palestine. I've been told some are actually made in ISRAEL and labeled as made in palestine.
  3. The Jay
    The Jay
    I bought one at an army/navy store for $8. It's USA made but it's not the worst choice. I would just shop online and investigate the site before purchasing.
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