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  1. Chimurenga.

    This is our latest and official party program which came out November of last year. You can read Part One and some Excerpts from this online.

    This is our official book on the Chinese Revolution and how we view China. It has everything from Tibet to Tienanmen Square to present day China and so on. You can read Chapter One, Chapter Six, and Chapter Seven online.

    This is our book on bourgeois democracy in general and elections in this country. You can read Chapter Nine from this book.

    This is our book on the basics of socialism and the need for a Marxist-Leninist party. Unfortunately, none of the chapters in this book are online.

    This is a book written by PSL/ANSWER national coordinator, Richard Becker. Its purpose is to serve as an introduction to the conflict in Palestine right now and the history surrounding Israel. Here are some excerpts from the first chapter and an interview conducted by the author with leader of the Free Palestine Alliance and member of ANSWER, Elias Rashmawi.

    All of these books are available for purchase here: https://secure2.convio.net/peppsl/si...?store_id=1221
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