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  1. Ẋʼn
    It's time we had fresh discussion, and what better than a series of links?

    Atomic Rockets - This is a website for aspiring science fiction writers, but it goes into a level of detail that I have never seen elsewhere. A valuable resource for anyone remotely interested in space exploration.

    Bad Astronomy - Professional astronomer Phil Plait takes a look at common misconceptions related to astronomy, including some found in movies, on the news and on TV.

    NuclearSpace - resources and articles relating to the advocacy of nuclear-powered space exploration. Currently being redesigned.

    Centauri Dreams - the News Forum of the Tau Zero foundation, an organisation which advocates human exploration of outer space.

    Orbital Vector - A catalogue of various technologies, ranging from near-future possibilities through to more speculative tech.

    Feel free to add your own links!
  2. Ocean Seal
    Ocean Seal
    As an interesting news site we could add NASA I don't have many other astronomy links.
  3. Ẋʼn
    Ẋʼn - Another fiction-oriented site, but includes some interesting essays and useful calculators.
  4. Ẋʼn
    Additional additional: Beyond Apollo is an awesome blog which I recently discovered, which discusses plans for space exploration from the Apollo era onwards. A real find.
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