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  1. Queercommie Girl
    Queercommie Girl
    What kind of socialist democracy does PSL believe should be implemented in a socialist society after the revolution?

    Both Trotskyists and Maoists claim that they support "worker's democracy" but the precise details of Trotskyist and Maoist democracy aren't the same.

    1) Contemporary Maoists (at least those based in mainland China) support what can be called supervisory democracy:

    In supervisory democracy, democratically elected worker's supervisory councils are set-up to monitor corruption and waste, but they only have democratic power in the negative sense, i.e. they have the power to remove a corrupt official, no matter how high. But the positive details of policy and decision-making are still made by the vanguardist party without direct input from the working class in general.

    In addition, Maoists believe there should be explicit democracy within the structure of the Communist Party to prevent both corruption and a dictatorship like Stalin forming, but essentially the socialist state is still governed by a single political party, and for all practical purposes no other contesting political parties can be allowed. Also, direct democracy (that is to say, democracy of the "one person, one vote" type) in Maoism only exists within the Communist Party, not in the general public or society at large.

    In Maoism there is some degree of direct democracy in the workplace (i.e. the Angang constitution), but not as much as in Trotskyism and anarchism.

    2) Contemporary Trotskyists, on the other hand, believe what can be called universal democracy:

    The existence of multiple, mutually contesting political parties; direct democracy within the workplace; direct democracy (one person, one vote) in society at large.

    What kind of democracy would the PSL lean more towards?

    Personally I support direct democracy for everyone, but I don't mind if the system is one-party or multi-party. However, if it is a multi-party system, only socialist parties (parties that do not contradict the fundamental socialist constitution of collective ownership and proletarian democracy) should be allowed.
  2. The Red Next Door
    I think we would have democratic centralism since the PSL practice, i guess worker democracy.
  3. Queercommie Girl
    Queercommie Girl
    I'm not asking what kind of democracy PSL has now. I'm asking what kind of democracy would you implement in the world after a successful socialist revolution.
  4. The Hong Se Sun
    The Hong Se Sun
    Democratic centralism, also some times called participatory democracy.
  5. Queercommie Girl
    Queercommie Girl
    So would there be universal democracy of the "one person, one vote" type and the right to form one's own political parties (within the framework of the socialist constitution of course) in your scheme?
  6. The Hong Se Sun
    The Hong Se Sun
    We would probably install a multi-socialist party democracy meaning we wouldn't let someone calling for capitalism to be reinstated participate in elections
  7. Comrade_Julian
    I actually like th cuban system of single party but that party not being involved in elections. The people would vote for people not parties, and also limited advertisement for those candidate.
  8. Queercommie Girl
    Queercommie Girl
    Originally Posted by slipoutside
    We would probably install a multi-socialist party democracy meaning we wouldn't let someone calling for capitalism to be reinstated participate in elections
    So given that all the contesting parties fulfill the basic socialist constitution, they would have complete political freedom to be established and to operate?
  9. Red Rebel
    Red Rebel
    Dictatorship of the proletariat.

    Not speaking on behalf of the PSL, but there is one working class and should be represented by one party. The only "multi party systems" in socialist countries were Nicaragua and the DPRK. The Cuban model seems much better in comparison. Looking back at the Russian Civil War you saw similar socialist parties fighting each other i.e. the Socialist Revolutionaries and the Bolsheviks.
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