I'm now officially a PSL supporter

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  1. Queercommie Girl
    Queercommie Girl
    I'm now officially a PSL supporter. I will update my profile to reflect this.

    Lacking a better word, I'm essentially a "Trotskyite Maoist", since my main theoretical background is based on Trotskyism and Maoism, even though there are influences from many other directions.

    I believe the PSL has been described as "both Trotskyist and Maoist". I know formally you do not label yourself as such, but it does mean that my views are quite close to your basic political line.

    I'm also a radical LGBT activist. I want to explicitly declare that I really appreciate the fact that comrade kassad really stood up for trans rights in this thread here, which I have discovered today:

  2. Comrade_Julian
    Welcome aboard comrade! Unfortunately you are in the UK, an ocean separates you and the vanguard party of america
  3. Queercommie Girl
    Queercommie Girl
    I guess a better term for my position is "proletarian-democrat".

    I fully support worker's democracy, it's absolutely central to my political stance. But I'm not dogmatic about how such a democracy will be implemented in detail. I think both the Trotskyist and Maoist approaches have their own merits and their own shortcomings.
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