Queers Bash Back!

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  1. Bad Grrrl Agro
    Bad Grrrl Agro
    Anyone heard of it?
    From what I gather it's a group of radical queers. I'm trying of getting involved.
  2. The Feral Underclass
    Why the Morrissey pictures?
  3. Ẋʼn
    That's exactly what I was thinking.
  4. Bad Grrrl Agro
    Bad Grrrl Agro
    No, not this group, Bash Back! is what I'm talking about.
  5. AntinoiteBolshevik
    I have heard of it Comrade but i'm not sure where they're located. I love gay militarism though. I want to join a gay militant group.
  6. Bad Grrrl Agro
    Bad Grrrl Agro
    I know that there are several chapters: Chicago (IL), Milwaukee (WI), Philly (PA), Lansing, Portland (OR), West Palm Beach(FL), Washington (DC), Memphis (TN), Denver (CO).It sounds like a cool group to me.
  7. AntinoiteBolshevik
    Ditto! hehe. They need things like that in Australia, where I live.
  8. Bad Grrrl Agro
    Bad Grrrl Agro
    I know! It seems like a great organization! I'd be down with it totally!
  9. RedAthena1919
    Hey, AntinoiteBolshevik, fellow Aus-born Commie! Agree totally, need one here. The Socialist Party is moderately active on this, but not nearly militant enough.
  10. Salabra
    /me waves hand, being a fellow Aussie.

    I've not heard of the group, but I'd consider it a Good Thing.
  11. puke on cops
    puke on cops
    A queer version of Antifa would do us the world of good in the UK.
  12. Bitter Ashes
    Bitter Ashes
    Very intresting. I know a guy in our branch who'd so love this idea.
    Oh and here's the group's first target. Make sure to get the whole complex up in smoke too. XD
  13. Bad Grrrl Agro
    Bad Grrrl Agro
    Originally Posted by puke on cops
    A queer version of Antifa would do us the world of good in the UK.
    Get it going!!! I'm with U in spirit, but we also have a ways to go in the US.
  14. Ztrain
    Cool...Im heading for GSA today!
  15. earth fuck
    bash back are in a lot of places around the world:
    http://bashbacknews.wordpress.com/ - has a lot of links to various chapters
    http://bashbackmelbourne.wordpress.com/ - melbourne australia
    if u r in a place where there isnt an org, you can start one! just get a krew together.
  16. counterblast
    Bash Back! isn't an organized group; its a tendency.
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