Die Linke rips criminal Israeli flotilla attack

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  1. Die Neue Zeit
    Die Neue Zeit

    Germany's opposition party The Left (Die Linke) on Tuesday lashed out at Israel for what it termed its "criminal" attack on the Gaza peace flotilla.

    The head of The Left Gregor Gysi said in a press release that the Israeli military action on the aid ships was "not justified" at all.

    According to the Left Party, five Germans were aboard the Marmara, the main passenger boat in the protest flotilla.

    A senior official of the party, Christine Buchholz was quoted saying that number included two female German lawmakers, Annette Groth and Inge Hoeger.

    A total of 10 German peace activists were reportedly on board the ships when the Israeli assault occurred.
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    From left beginnings courtesy of Karl Marx, from extreme anti-militarism expressed by August Bebel, from the humanitarianism of Hugo Haase, and the pro-peace foreign policy position of Oskar Lafontaine, Die Linke has - in spite of pro-Israel advocates scattered here and there - come out united against the usual Israeli aggression.
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