what was your motivation to start martial arts?

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  1. optimist
    i start this thread because i'm intrested to know what was on your head.i became a martial arts fan back in 70s watching kung fu tv series with carradine.as a kid i think that was some kind of magic behind all this,and thats why my first MA was a tradditional shaolin kung fu.
  2. Dr Mindbender
    hmm.. at school i was kind of at the recieving end of the 'playground hegemony'. I took up shotokan karate shortly after that. I moved to wado kai later on, but i didnt have much success at either. I find karate in general quite boring.

    I now do budo taijutsu which i find both confidence inspiring and interesting.
  3. ComradeG1967
    I grew up in Easterhoose, Glasgow!
  4. Y Chwyldro Comiwnyddol Cymraeg
    Y Chwyldro Comiwnyddol Cymraeg
    I always liked boxing, then I watched a few JAckie Chan films and from then on loved all forms of MA.
  5. farleft
    General fitness was my main motivation. It got my lazy bum off the sofa!
  6. harry roberts
    harry roberts
    family have always had some involvement in boxing and martial arts in general. Also were i grew up it was either boxing or football and i wasn't very good at football. Aside everyone in Glasgow is a blackbelt in chibbing
  7. The Accomplice
    The Accomplice
    Fitness and competing.
  8. ChrisK
    Batman, Goku and Bruce Lee
  9. mindsword

    whut whut!
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