Hackmaster Basic

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  1. JazzRemington
    Anyone else seen this? I bought the rulebook, but the only brilliant thing is teh combat system.

    Basically, each combatant's turn represents 1 second. At the start of combat, everyone rolls 1d12 and adds their appropriate modifiers. This tells them the second they begin when combat starts. The GM starts counting up from 1 and when its your turn, you do your action. You figure when you can go again by adding your weapon's speed plus any modifiers to your current second. FOr instance, if you initially start at the 3rd second of combat and you have a weapon with a speed rating of, say 3, you would go again every 3rd second.

    Recently I've started a Pathfinder campaign for my cousin and his friend. I'm considering using this combat system as it allows for more dynamic activity between the combatants.
  2. Jazzratt
    Combat system sounds quite close to Scion (white wolf game, quite good). Never played, or even read, Hackmaster or Pathfinder so I've little else to comment on here.